Juggling a hectic schedule as a realtor and being a badass while you’re doing it, this is my sister in real estate, you would be an associate real estate broker. Yes. And amazing person, Amy Gasperini. She used to be Amy Acquisto. Now she’s been married to a great, great man, Anthony Gasperini. And so she changed her name and she’s been doing a great job.

Hectic Schedule

So we want to talk about juggling a hectic schedule as a realtor. And you have how many kids, three kids and what are their names? Anthony, Anna and Alison, so they’re 12, 10 and nine.

All right. And then your name is Amy and your husband’s name is Anthony. So every single person in your family’s name. Sorry, that a so that’s the 18.  

Nice job. Congratulations to you guys. To the gas greenies. You guys are all amazing together. And but there’s a lot of commitments with kids at that age and you’re running them all around and doing a bunch of things. So kind of talk to me about that.

Well, I mean, yes. I mean, you want so many opportunities for your children, so you want to put them into the activities and you want to give them all the chances. And with the amount of work that realtors have and kind of always being on call and on the go, it is a little challenging because I always want to be there for my clients. There are the number one priority and they have to feel that way.

And I just have help. And I’m super fortunate and super blessed that my husband is super supportive and understands every five seconds I will probably get a call and pulled away and he totally gets it. And my kids are super understanding for that. But also my parents, they are always helping me. So they’re taking the kids to practices or picking them up from play dates or just bring them different places so I can go work. And it’s I could not do it without a team and a village, so.

Oh, well, that’s impressive. No, it’s good that you have a great support system around you to kind of help out on that. And it’s even good that when I text you or call you, you just don’t return my call. Yeah, no. And that probably helps you out a lot.

So I well, At least she calls me back, my sister Lisa. I can send her a message or call her and probably never hear

It is work related. I won’t call back, but you have to specify what is other than that. Yes, you can text me.

Yeah, no, that’s a true fact. So she prioritizes things like her family and her clients love her brother, which is totally fine with me. Right. So congratulations to you. You were just awarded with a bad ass award. And and that. That’s awesome.

Hold it up just a little bit for us. Yes. So that is a belt. That is a traveling trophy. It moves around and you’ll get to wear that as you go to each of the different events. So the idea is that you bring it to each of the events. So anything company specific should bring it to your meeting today with Kent. You know, bring it in and you’re supposed

To get anything that know how it is with the appointments. Yes, when I go in and you’re just like, lets me put it down,

Hey, this is what you’re dealing with, right? And they just need to kind of understand that. So go back to holding that because it is yours. But congratulations to you. And I’m glad that you’re able to juggle a hectic schedule. I’m glad you’ll be able to wear that. People like throw it over their shoulder and kind of carried in a lot of ways to do that. You’ll sign it.

But congratulations to you. And juggling a hectic schedule. One thing that I would say is you do a good job. You have a moniker that people repeat after you and it’s really crazy. Your clients are all like, Amy is awesome. And it’s like that whole thing. And you’ve been saying it since we were like

I’ve always said, you have. But how do you get clients to Ayers? No, I don’t use it in front of clients. They just say, like, Amy, you’re awesome.

And I know she would say when she was younger and I just did a Post-it notes around the house is awesome. It just keeps happening.

Get me a little Post-it note that was monogrammed with Amy is awesome.

Yeah. And your clients really, really like you deal with a lot of repeat and referral business. You’re well, experience. You’ve been in this for a long time and you were actually in the past, you did mortgages and we had a really good run doing mortgages together. And I really enjoyed that time when we got to do that. But anyways, let’s get done with this, get the ball and move on to the next topic. Are you wondering to yourself, hey, what’s it like to work with your family?

This is Amy Gasperini. She’s my sister and she’s the reigning badass. That’s a traveling trophy, a belt that’s awarded. And it goes around from agent to agent when it is when it is earned. So Amy will hold on to that belt as long as she runs as fast as she possibly can and stays at the top of the pack the moment that she slips up and or somebody goes ahead and takes it from her with their amazing performance.

You’re setting the stage right now with your efforts and your energy and you’re showing everyone what’s necessary. So congratulations. We’re really proud of you.

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