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HEB is coming to McKinney, who’s excited about that? This is one of those things that if you have to be in your town, you become extremely passionate about it. It’s consistently ranked as one of the top grocery stores. And there’s one coming to Plano, McKinney and Allen and who’s excited about it. And there’s one in Frisco as well. That’s coming up.

These are places that make people get excited. I have no idea why, but people love grocery stores. They specifically love great grocery stores right where you can get fresh produce. And there is a great bakery and tortillas. I know the tortillas are a real thing. They’re at HEB. Let’s go ahead and split the screen and share you off a link and show you where this one is coming.

So there’s a new HEB coming to McKinney and the mayor announces this, that this HEB in particular is going to be coming to Cluster and El Dorado just to the east side of El Dorado. So if you kind of go up there and you think about where this is in your mind, you’re going to realize that there’s kind of a Kroger in the upper left hand corner of that intersection.

So that would be northwest. And then we have Andy s, which is an icon, and maybe Starbucks. You’ll realize that in the southwest quadrant. And then we’re talking probably over in the northeast quadrant will probably have is where this is coming in. So we’ll check this link in for you and you can kind of see that. But that’s something that people get excited about.

When you’re talking with clients, they often ask all types of different questions. And one that I do hear a lot is where what school is this go to? How close is it to work? And then how close is it to a grocery store? And can you tell me where I would go shopping?

And then it’s really weird. Sometimes you’ll tell a person like, oh, it’s not too far from Wal-Mart and you’re like, whoa, I don’t consider Wal-Mart a grocery store. And I’m like, OK, fine, there’s a target in there. Like, Whoa, that’s not a grocery store that I frequent. And I’m like, OK, I see, I see where we’re headed here now. I don’t know enough about the different grocery stores and what gets a person jazzed or excited, but this is one of those grocery stores that does.

So it’s good to know where these location plans are coming in for. So when you’re talking with one of your clients, you can say, hey, there’s a new AGB coming over here at this place.

So you should probably know about all the other locations that are coming in. Take just a moment and start of the future expansion plans. See where they’re coming in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen. But they are coming to Collin County and they’re coming all around right to you. So maybe this one helps you out quite a bit and makes it easier for you.

Or maybe it just makes it a little bit easier for your clients. But take a look at the store. That’s a new concept. Looks really nice. Who doesn’t like a nice grocery store? Well, I know it’s there for you. This is going to become one of our flagship stores and a flagship store. Seems like it should be important. I don’t know. Is it? We’ll find out, read the rest of the article and report back and let us know if you’re excited about this.

Maybe let’s get a clap in here and we can talk more about it. But if not, I think we’re ready to move on. Who doesn’t like HEB? I think everybody does see.

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