Heartfelt Client Letters to Win Bids – Hey, I’m Mike, and this is Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate broker from Acquisto Real Estate and St. Patrick’s Day lover.

And here we go with our topic for today is we have heartfelt client letters yet to win bids. We’re seeing we get some violations. So we’ve all done this, I believe.

And, you know, we want everyone to understand who our clients are and put a name with their, you know, with a face with their letters and really try to connect to get our bids, you know, to be the winning bidder.

Heartfelt Client Letters to Win Bids

So yesterday, Hannah brought up. She goes, I heard this was a violation.

Is it? Yes, it could be.

So we’re going to give you we’re going to share this link with you guys. Just so you’re aware, we want to be very careful. And, you know, all of these attempts that we’re doing to try to get secure a property for our clients who want to make sure we’re not violating any fair housing or any ethical any we do not want any violations, ethics violations or fair housing especially.

So what this does is when you send a photo to a seller and then they see who that is and they choose them because, oh, they’re young and they’re cute and whatever, you know, that’s really violating fair housing.

So I think we can do without the we can totally send the letter. Just do without the photo. OK, so we stay compliant and don’t have anything to worry about. So we’re going to check that. Lincoln Yeah.

He will check that.

Lincoln We’re going to check that Lincoln and you guys can read more about it. But you know, we’re trying to keep everything fair and balanced. And when you do something like that, you’re kind of crossing the line. So we want to be careful.

Perfect. We got that in the description for.

So you’ll be able to see it down below in the chat box. So you’ll see that down below. Yeah, just for while you guys have any questions on that.

Let’s talk about it in our meetings. But I’m just telling you guys, just cut out the photo. We don’t need the picture, OK? Sounds good to me. Is that topic hockshop?

Are you? All righty, a smart, smart sellers are a lucky seller.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.17.21

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