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Hey there. My name’s Mike Acquisto. I’m a real estate broker, and we’re going to talk about field work. If you as an agent have some time or maybe you don’t even have time, but you’re just driving around and you want to get a couple of extra things accomplished. You want to work on your career, your craft. You want to become better today and maybe do some field work.

We’re going to discuss exactly what that means with getting out in the field and getting dirty, seeing some things, maybe asking a bunch of questions to gain some more knowledge. It might not be applicable today, but it probably will be tomorrow or the day afterwards.

Right. So I have a webpage that we put together for you guys related to just field work. So we’re going to split the screen. We’re going to chat in that link to you. So Omkar is going to give you that link real quick and you’ll have that in the description for yourself, but you can see it live. So this page is up here inside the real estate portal and it’s called Field Work.

We’re going to show you how to get to that here in just a minute. But first, we’re going to show you what cheap can be doing. So as they take control of the mouse here and direct this around, field work is going to be a couple of simple things that maybe you forget once in a while.

So task number one is going to be visit an entry level builder, a mid priced builder and a luxury builder. Go see them, talk to them, see what’s going on within what their products are. If there’s a new subdivision that opens, you should always opt to turn in and see what’s going on there.

So these are just friendly reminders to you on what you should kind of be doing as you’re driving around the Metroplex.

Always be stopping. Right. So the ABC is always be Salen. And I know Sullens not with AC, but I was trying to make something work there. So there should be. You should always stop. Right. So you’re in the car. Stop. If you see something, stop.

See what it is. Get out of the car. Right. Take a look. Go see the custom builders. Meet a couple of them. Make it a goal if you want to start selling more expensive homes. Just think about that one. If you’re always thinking to yourself, how can you make more money?

And you’re like, I need more transactions. Or maybe you don’t need more. Maybe you need a larger ones. Right.

So maybe go see some custom builders. Go see some people that are building expensive things. Start talking about them. Start knowing those. That’s going to help you get into that price point fifty five and over. It’s not really that old anymore, is it? Or maybe just we’re getting older.

So it doesn’t seem like it’s that old anymore. But go see some of those communities. I Know all about them. Go visit some open houses, see how somebody else is doing it. Right. Maybe you don’t have all the answers to what these things are. Maybe we don’t have the best policies, the best procedures, the best stuff going on with open houses.

Report back, but go see it. See what somebody else is doing. Right. Go ahead and go to a designer’s place and look at some design selections. Just the other day, I was driving down the road and I stopped in at Dale Tile. And what that allowed me to do is see the new trends today.

I actually saw some tile that was in the that bad ass Dallas condo, and I was like, that’s where the tile came from. And I saw the one it was from the bathroom and it was really, really nice, is all on the floor and on the walls. And it just looks spectacular in there.

And then I saw it at downtown L.A. It’s like, hmm, that’s interesting. I’ve seen that before. It was their selection of the month and it was currently highlighted as a premier product. And I was like, that’s interesting. So now I’ve seen it. But I when I go in, I could talk about that.

Right, that I saw it and I have like a little story to it. And, you know, there’s all different types of things like that. So the next one over here is to go to a stone yard and you kind of are probably thinking yourself, why in the heck would I go to a stone yard?

Well, because then you’ll learn something. It might not be a place you’re totally comfortable with, but you should become comfortable in all different aspects of real estate.

That’s one of the things that maybe when you’re out in Bozeman you’d go do is check out something like that. So when you’re there, you get to see all the natural stones, you get to see the local selections, you can see what’s going on.

And you’re thinking like that probably won’t help me, but it really does. Right. Because then what you do is you pick up all the different things. You can learn prices, you can learn quantities. You can learn that they sell it by the time and how much is on a pallet and how many tons are on a pallet.

There’s so many things that you pick up. Right. So go go through there, look around and you just drive in and you can stop and you can talk to some people and you can go through.

But you’ll see where the the sand comes from. You’ll see where the gravel comes from. You’ll see where all these different things are. You’ll pick out like I remember when that was used on this house or this is over here. What would look good for what you’re doing or what are some different applications?

Because before you know it, you’ll be outside and you’ll be by somebody’s pool and you’ll be talking about they’re like, oh, I really like to expand my patio and do this and put some stone in here. And then you’ll be able to say, you know what, I saw the best stone.

And it would probably look amazing with this. And you can bring the person right to him and you can talk all about it, you can say how much they probably need, how much it would weigh, what the cost would be, how it gets delivered, all those things.

So that’s what you want to be doing, is always been learning and always be stopping. So just stop. Hit the brakes. Whether it’s a hitchhiker you see on the side of the road, pick them up, throw him in the car, put him next. Your wife doesn’t matter.

That’s something that can happen. Or you could just stop. Stop at a stone yard. Stop it. Maybe there’s a reclaimed lumber place.

That’d be a good place to stop that. Maybe there’s a pool builder. There’s, you know, pools are so expensive now and you need to learn just a little bit more every single day. So stop a pool builder. Go in there, see the process, explain have it explained to you.

Go through the sales procedure. And as you do that, you’re going to learn something else. You’ll learn the real pricing of. Do you know that pools are like super, super expensive now? And I don’t know. That’s probably being reflected inside the price of a new home with how much a pool is contractors.

We get all these magazines in the mail. Right. There’s like all these things, you know, like I can redo my shower.

I could put in all these things. I can have my windows replaced. Like they’re always wanting to do this. I could regroup this. I could have my windows washed, all these different things. But you know, the price of them. Do you know what?

They’re backlogged back time is, you know, could they be there tomorrow or is this thing six weeks? Right. So we had a crack in our window and it took us six weeks to get it replaced. We called up safe flight and they’re like, hey, yeah, not a problem.

And the next available appointment is literally six weeks out from when we had inquired. Now, that’s something that normally is done the next day or 48 hours from then, but definitely within the same week. Right now, that’s one of those things that’s been pushed out that far.

So if you’re going around and you’re learning, you’re calling these different contractors, you’re seeing things and all of a sudden you’re seeing that they’re super busy or they’re not and they’re available all of a sudden.

These are all things that are going to help you out, you know, just a little bit more than not your real estate craft. Same thing with landscaping. Go take a look.

Know how much these plants cost and how much a tree is. Do you know how much it is to replace a large tree in your front yard, for example? Do you know the procedure? Well, if you don’t, then next time you drive by a landscape place, just hit the brakes.

Don’t just like tap them, just like jam on them and take a right turn. Hopefully you’re right in that regard and hopefully you’re in the right lane. But get off the road. Stop in and see what’s going on. Just take like ten minutes, walk around, look at some pricing, but get better every single day.

All right. That’s all I got. That’s called field work. I’m Mike. I highly recommend it. Oh, I should show you how to get there. So let’s go ahead and navigate around. So this is going to be within our agent portal. This section has been growing like crazy. This is mainly something that I put together for onboarding, but I highly suggest it for any single agent.

So you’re going to scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’re going to click on Agent Portal. So inside here, this is quickly growing and expanding. We heard a lot of things you guys said you’ve been asking for a lot recently and we’ve been trying to give it to you.

So what we have here are all different types of links. Right. And there’s all different types of items inside here that took a lot of time, thought, energy and effort to put together. So under the onboarding section, this is for the new agents would be down here and then directly under here is going to be field work.

I think this is applicable enough that it should be for any agent. So we’ll probably also drop field work inside the regular agent portal and not restricted to just newer agents, but just. Just do it right. Don’t worry about it. So that’s all I got for you. We’re done with the topic. We’re done for the day, but it’s a good one. Just stop somewhere.

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