Hashtags and how to use them, yeah, where do you use them and how to find them? Thank you for joining us. Yeah, I know Jody was really just she is really good with hashtags and coming up with hashtags and utilizing hashtags. So, yes, she’s done a great job.

So this came up on the agent meeting agent meetings last week. Collaboratives. Oh, collaboratives. I like that even better. All right. So maybe we’ll change them to the collaboratives. So we collaborated there and that was the two to five year agent window and Jodi brought that up. She’s like, hey, I’m you know, somebody said, Jodi, I really like your hashtag game. Could you share that now? So that’s actually a great idea. So thanks to Katy and Jodi for that one. And then what we had is Jodi created this whole document with the hashtag she had. So we’ll pull that document up now so you can take a look at it. And as we do, there is a bunch of different hash tags that were important that you can start to utilize.

Hashtags and How to Use Them

So we have hashtag was to real estate. We put in this and that. We have company level ones right at the top. OK, and then as we scroll down, Jodi included ones for the day. So we have like Murchú Monday, I put that one in there. People said it wasn’t a thing, but it really is. I was looking back and I see that the Murchú has been getting hit hard.

I say Tuesday Shoes Day. I love that.

You do. Yeah. All right. Well, then you can pick one here from Tuesday, right? Wednesday. Can’t stop. Won’t stop Wednesday.

I threw that one in right on the top. That’s a AT&T item, right. So you guys got to know that one as we look through. So she put different days of the week. So these items kind of get picked up. If you as an agent want more hash tags and one up your hash tag game, here are some options for you. Just related. Today’s two days of the week. And then if we scroll down just a little bit further, producer oh, then we will get down to some ones that were specific for agents.

And so I put it tab in a page break in there. And so we have Shawna Shawna’s hash tags, in particular hash tag, Shana Aquisto, realtor broker of the year. That was an award that she won a couple of years ago. I think I won it last year. It’s up for debate. Who’s going to win it this year? Now, nobody was a boutique broker of luxury real estate broker brokers, wife. I work with hashtag. I work with my husband, usually ones I put in for you.

Yeah, I think those are really catching on, really breaking. Going into the writer. This is here, all of you.

You can go in here and add and I think going back up to the top company level, there’s some other ones that I would I would think we need to add in. You guys can just copy and paste and put those put those in your post. But like Texas real estate, I’m not sure if that was in there. No, it wasn’t what people rented.

It’s a living, breathing document.

And we’ll make it look a little bit nicer because there are some updates in writer that I would clearly I would do the

Texas real estate because I see on the Texas real estate Instagram that they post, they take posts from all over, all over the state and it’s pretty cool.

Hey, that’s fine. So we’ll ask some of you to check that, to go ahead and make that change. Omkar will be chatting in the link to this hashtag right here. We created shareable links. You guys can go in and edit that. And then I do have some hash tags that I put in here myself so you guys can go ahead and start to utilize those for myself personally. Hashtag around the house with Mike. So that one’s been cut down like crazy. Hashtag my wife, the broker. So that would be you. I’ve got a guy.

Yeah, brokers’ hashtag Brokers’ husband, this and that. I work with my wife, hashtag I work with my wife. You know there is a rule on hash tags if they’re too long hashtag friends not leads. Is that one that I can use.

A hashtag databank, not database. It’s funny that Mike’s got his own hash tags and he’s not even on social media, like maybe someone will use them for me.

But thank you to hashtag Jodi Daily News and appreciate it.

So go ahead and put yours in here and you’ll have a place where you can keep it and access some nice and easy and put them in. Often you’re on your mobile device and it’s much easier to copy and paste. And if you have a simple place and these are certain ideas and there is your will, be specific to what you know, what your post is.

Yeah. Yeah, very good. So now you have that place, use it and enjoy it. That was that came out of the collaboratives. I think we’re kind of good with that topic. Dang. That’s a wrap here from Bozeman, thank you guys for joining us and chatting in and bows out because there’s a lot of people here from L.A.. Very good.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.20.21

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