Its Hail Season in DFW– What to do for your clients

It’s hail season in DFW. What does that mean for your clients? That’s luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto, Mike Acquisto, we’re going to guide through. What does that mean if you’re a buyer? What does it mean if you’re a seller? Right. So let’s take a deep dive in. Shawna, kind of walk us through, please.

So you’re going through the process of buying a home. You’re super excited. You get your home inspection, you’re almost to the finish line and bam, Halestorm. Oh, what do you do? Well, you’re going to want before you go to closing to go and double check, have a roofer go out, take a look at it, make sure the roof is fine because the last thing you want is to close, get insurance, have a leak, and then you have to file a claim just to learn that it’s not covered because it was a previous. Condition. OK, so a lot of lenders, if they know about the storm, then they will require you to have an inspection and, you know, prove that to them before they’ll finalize the loan. So they want to protect themselves.

So you want to be in the insurance companies are really, really good. So what they end up seeing is they know when the hailstorms go through certain areas and they’re like, oh, this either happened at this time or this time or it’s been there, whatever. Right. So it’s you you kind of can’t know.

So on a side note, you should know that. So they’re not going to ask you when you file a claim, when did this happen? When did this occur? Well, like March, there wasn’t a hailstorm in your area in March. So they do know they have a way of knowing and tracking that.

So just a little food for thought there. So from a seller standpoint, of course, you’re going to want to be proactive and have that taken care of. And the reason you don’t want to delay, you know, you want if if it’s if you’re the seller, you’re responsible for that home until closing.

So you need to go ahead and call a roof or just see if there’s any damage. And they’ll tell you, yeah, there’s a significant amount of damage. You know, you need to go ahead and file a claim with your insurance or skip that step and go file with your insurance. So but just take care of it before. Be proactive in that because it can cause a delay for your closing.

So I’m going to let you know how I pick roofers. And we have a good one.

Well, no, my personal thing is I only select roofers based on their truck and how big the tires are and how jacked up shoot down there. Yeah. When they show up. No, that’s absolutely not how I do it. But they just have like a stereotype. Right. Like they show up with an Audi telephone number or an 800 number. Yeah. And then they have like this huge truck and they’re like, I’m ready to do some roofing for you.

Yeah. And I would suggest with any any contractor that you you reach out to that they are local. Yeah. You know, if they don’t have a local phone number, then, you know, that’s one thing to to ask and research and make sure they’re local. But yeah, I think it’s really important.

Go somebody. It’s been around for a long time, build a relationship with someone. And, you know, we have a roofer that we use. Roger, he. Is now with Walden Roofing, but he used to with tear roofing, but you call him for anything and he’ll go right out and he’s so nice and you know, he does a great job for us and he’s honest, hey, this roof is fine.

Now, we do have a couple of roofers that are also close, closely related to to to our business. So Callejo Worth has an amazing room for that he feels totally comfortable with. I don’t have his name off the top, my head. But if you want Eldo Worth and just like, hey, Mike said, you have a great lover. That’s that does an amazing job and he’ll get you all the information resource, whether you have insurance with him or not, they’ll help you out.

Right. And say, what do I do? I’m selling my home. You know, we just had a hailstorm.

What do I one hundred percent call Kyle. He’ll totally take care of you. OK, so we’ll actually chat in his. No, now we’ll get somebody that’s out there, maybe one of you.

Every one of us should text him today. Yeah. Say, hey, what do I do? I think I think I have roof damage.

So somebody please help me out and chat in Kyle’s cell phone number in in this chat here so people can get in touch with them. And you said insurance and they’ll help out there. And then we also have the mortgage nerd‘s husband is also a roofer. Oh, yeah. And he’s a really good guy. I like them. Yes. I mean, you need more than one resource.

Yeah. No, when you get busy. So reach out to Denise and she’ll be able to help you out. She’s always willing to help. You can find her online Google mortgage nerd. Give her a call, drop her notes. I need your husband’s contact information and then she’ll be able to get you in touch directly and off you’ll go.

And we’re I’m digressing, but the nerd saved the day yesterday, so just. Yeah.  

All right. She did very good, you know, and what that really comes down to is when you have a problem, right. What matters is a true professional chef can stand still through all the storm. Right. Can feel what’s going on around and have the experience to know, oh, there’s a way around this, you know what I mean? So that’s super important for you guys. And that’s what you’re supposed to do as the agent when this whole thing comes up, she’s like, oh, yeah. Have you seen Shana talked about this?

I already know what’s going on. If you reach out to Kyle in advance and you have a quick discussion with them, you’ll know something a little bit more, all these different topics. The idea is to give you a little bit of knowledge and then you’ll see, oddly enough, some of these things come up like right away for you or come up a year later or six months or whatever that time frame is. Just refer back to this episode. Just go right up to the top, go right to our Web page, type in the topic you’re trying to search for and just put it like Halo roof repairs are right. And then you’ll find this episode and we watch it. There you go. That’s what we do every day.

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