Hail Anyone- Check your roofs for all listings

Hail anyone? Check your roofs. It’s like h a i ll hail anyone. So it rained last night and it held. And there’s the storms. Some people said there was, like, tornadoes. I don’t know what to even listen to. Maybe there’s a hurricane. I don’t even know. People in Dallas think when it rains, like, it was just like the worst thing ever. I heard people are in bunkers. You know, the National Guard was called out.

I don’t even know what’s happening with people. But when it when it rains or snows like a quarter of an inch, everyone just loses their mind. We’re out of groceries like we need to stock up for a month, like order a year’s worth of toilet paper because it’s going down. Actually, everything’s kind of fine, but from a housing perspective, we do have to take a look.

So last night it did Hail and Stacey informed me of exactly the path that this storm took through here. So you do need to take note of that, because if you had a home that is currently listed or is about to be listed or a home that you’re representing the buyer and you have something under contract. There was a storm that came through and with the storm it brought hail.

And if there is going to be a loan on this, the lender wants to insure that the home is in a lender condition and the roof is fine. So this can be a huge backlog of everybody checking their roofs now. Right. And having them inspect to say they’re good or they’re not good because it’s storm season. Now, with that, it’s probably going to delay a lot of things.

So please know if you have anything at all under contract or listed, you probably need to just go ahead and get it scheduled and get your roof inspected to verify what’s going on. If you have any questions of where the storm went, you can go to our our storm chaser, Stacy Hendren, and she can let you know exactly where the storms went through. Or you can call Coweta Worth.

You would love to hear from you. He’s currently playing Xbox and he is available to to help you out if you need any assistance to know more about that. He does know about the storms. He does have good vendors to be able to help you out and get you get your roof inspected and repaired. So give him a call regardless if he’s your insurance agent or not.

But he should be your first call when you think of anything insurance related and that helps you out. If you have a listing now from the other side, let’s just change our mind just a little bit and think through this.

If you have a buyer and you’re having a difficult time finding a home right now and you see that the storm came through one of these areas, it is possible that the person who put a contract in on that home is now nervous for some reason because like I said, when a storm comes through, people just totally lose their mind.

It’s crazy. So if somebody loses their mind that’s currently in first position on a property and has it under contract, isn’t it great to be in backup position? Isn’t it really nice to like slide right in there now because there’s a crack, there’s an opening. That’s something you should consider, right? Did this hail storm give you an opportunity with some of your buyers to sneak in on properties that somebody else becomes nervous about? Did you recently submit an offer on a property?

And the person was like, No, it went to somebody else. But your clients really liked it this morning. Like, right now might be the time to call. So you can just jump off of this and call the person immediately and say, Hey, did you have a problem? Is there maybe an issue? Could we jump in? Could we be here? Go ahead and do something like that. Right.

Take a stab at it. See if maybe your clients want to go after this. Any phone call that you can make right now, as soon as we’re done today, is going to be a good phone call. Your client can be super happy that you were thinking about them and letting them know that you could maybe take advantage of this. You’re looking for any advantage.

You can have any way that you can talk to your client about something that’s going to result in them getting a home that they’re looking for. Right. That’s what we want. So take advantage of what just happened. This is current breaking news, like sound, the alarm, breaking news, hailstorm. Opportunity for you. What are you doing? Are you just sitting in bed?

Well, if so, what the heck? Get a shower, get out of bed, get on the phone and start calling some people. Ladies and gentlemen. That’s it. Check your roofs.

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