How Grow Your Business With An Accountability Partner ?

Hello. Could you grow your business using an accountability partner? Let’s kind of talk about that.

My name’s Mike Acquisto, and accountability is something that’s important now when we think through each of these different items. It’s kind of like real estate coaching, real estate mentoring, best ideas that I can do to keep my business on track for twenty twenty two.

All these things rolled into one with having an accountability partner. So what it really is to have an accountability partner is to go ahead and have somebody that keeps you in line. There’s all different types of KPIs, right? And those are key productivity indicators.

So what we’re looking for is to keep yourself busy and everyone’s like, Oh, I want to grow my business for next year.

But we all know that there’s key things that we need to do, and those things would be like, make sure that we have enough contracts, make sure we’re working on higher and better transactions, make sure we’re getting more referrals, make sure we’re getting more listings, make sure we’re getting more buyers.

All of those things and we all know it. But what we have to do to get to those is we have to do other items, right? So we have to do our marketing.

We have to be in front of people. We have to have events. We have to right, make phone calls, we have to send out emails. We have to do, you know, things like giving people valuations of their home.

We have to be present for other people. We have to talk about real estate from time to time. We have to keep learning about it. We have to be present. We have to spend time with others to be able to do that. And KPI is one of those key things. So what are those indicators in advance?

They just kind of went over a bunch of them, but you have to do some of those things. So I know we feel that our business operates best when we have our summer low and our Christmas party. And in doing that, we get a lot of people to come around us.

But when we don’t do that, I feel it’s it’s definitely an issue, right? So we had a different way of doing things recently with this, you know, with what went on recently.

But I felt we were a little off cadence because we didn’t have some of those key things for us. So what are the key things for you? What’s your business driven by as an agent and having a productivity or accountability partner is going to help keep you in line.

What it’s going to come down to is, are you going to meet with somebody on a regular basis? Are you going to hold yourself accountable? Are you going to say, I need to make so many phone calls? I need to meet so many people. I need to have so many events.

I need to attend so many of these. I need to go to networking things. I need, whatever those things are, right? That’s what you pay a mentor for. It’s really crazy that you go and you would pay somebody to say, you need to go to more marketing events or you need to have more events or more parties, or you need to send out more, whatever that happens to be more emails, more of this right?

And there’s an accountability and a cadence for which you need to do this. So a simple accountability partner would probably be your spouse, your parents, right? Maybe your children. I have no idea, but somebody that keeps you in line putting something in a spreadsheet like, I want to make five phone calls every day to my past clients. Not a huge thing, but will you actually do it?

So you have to put it down. You have to measure it, and you have to stay on cadence with this and tell somebody about it, whether it’s your best friend, what are these things that matter to you with your business?

Just write down a few. Keep yourself on track and find this accountability partner. Whether it’s a friend like I’m saying any one of these things. So you want to build a system and track your progress, write probably. A spreadsheet is nice and super easy.

You want to go ahead and just have simple discussions with this other person that’s helping you be accountable.

And if you do that, you’re going to get some minor feedback. I know myself, I fell out of cadence a little bit with talking with the friendship director Katie on a regular basis, and we fell off cadence with some of our meeting things.

And I know that does affect me with giving new ideas, with pushing it, with giving the right funding, with getting enough stuff done and being accountable myself. I don’t know when it might also happen the other way as well. So we’re all better when we stay on cadence, stay on point and have somebody that helps hold you accountable. Is that maybe, Stacy, that you talk to her every once in a while?

Do you check in weekly with Stacy? I know Stacy gets a ton of phone calls and she really enjoys talking with everybody, right? But when you talk with her, do you talk about the couple of key things and just stay on track?

She’s really holding us and the TNT viewers as her accountability partner, so she has things that she wants to do. It’s so motivating that Stacey is always working on something. She always has a goal in mind, right? So she has how many miles she wants to walk between now and the end of the year.

Well, that’s a key performance indicator. She wants to work on her health, her fitness, and wants to stay active.

So she has that. Also, it helps her get out of the office a little bit more and be more active and maybe spend some family time. So those are all important things. But she holds herself accountable by announcing it right? So you can come up with those same things in response and say, you know.

Hey, there’s three key things to my business, and this is what I need to do and maybe update Stacey on it. Every time you talk to her about it, tell her where you stand in relationship to those key performance indicators for yourself. And maybe that’s the way that you can hold yourself accountable.

It doesn’t have to be anything novel or unique. You don’t have to pay a mentor. You don’t have to sign up for coaching. You don’t have to come up with all these glorious things. All you have to do is just simply do it right. Look in the mirror and go ahead and do those things and you’ll be better off. Hmm. There you go. We’re done.

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