Group One Breakfast – Hey there, so you’re a member of Group One? Yes, I am. Tell me a little bit about that.

So this group, network that I belong to, is a network of different realtors from different brokerages. And it’s consistent. It consists of the top one percent of agents in our area. So it’s a really cool group of people. And what we do is, you know, we get together once a month virtually, and we collaborate together and share listings and ideas and thoughts and, you know, get input of things that are, you know, we’re seeing around, you know, seeing in the market and kind of how we tackle different problems and obstacles.

And, you know, it’s really a great networking group and I love them. So annually we have well, part of our group happens to be one of our members. And the group is Jeff Chaney, the mayor of Frisco. And Jeff, annually we have this breakfast and it kind of kicks off the year. We’re having it a little late this year because of covid. But we have this breakfast where he comes in and he , you know, shares with us some of the upcoming things that are that are happening, you know, some things that he has on the agenda and on the horizon that we should, you know, see in the future, in the near future.

Group One Breakfast

So it’s really good to get his insight and hear kind of the insider info firsthand before it becomes public so you guys know what’s going on. He also has someone either from this from the city or somebody from the Frisco ISD will come and share with the group, you know, talk about the growth and kind of the state of this, you know, of the schools this year. He is going to have someone from Frisco, ESTIE.

So it’ll be really interesting to hear his his take on, you know, now that we’ve  gone virtual and how that’s impacting the district. But it’s really good information. I know several of you have come with me for the last few years. And this year, you know, we’re going to have it. It’s February. Twenty third at nine a.m. It starts at 9:00 a.m. So you can arrive at eight forty five and they’re going to have a breakfast. It’s at St. Briar Country Club in Frisco. And it’s a good thing. It’s really not very good.

I’m showing off some of the people that have to be members here of the group, one in which their website, while you’re doing that, it’s like, oh, I think I have some pictures. So we were able to pull that up for us, a couple of new people.

And that’s the update that pick. Very nice, right? So that is good. Congratulations on being in there.

And I love it when I can bring you guys as well so you can hear it firsthand. I think it’s good.

Yeah. No, it’s a great group. I’m glad you’re a part of them. And I look forward to seeing kind of what’s going on. Yeah, we did. Thank you to all of you who have who have RSVP. I think pretty much everyone RSVP to me. So thank you for that.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.12.21

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