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The Great Northwest. It’s an amazing place to be a real estate agent right now. We’re going to discuss that topic right here and quite a bit more.

We got a link in an article that we’re going to share off. The article relates to the best places right now today to be a real estate agent in the country, but it’s not really about where it’s about why and what the underlying things are that go into that. So we’re going to discuss that.

Thank you to Megan for giving us this article and sharing this topic with us. So let’s go ahead, Chad in the link and go over here.

Hey, Meghan, I appreciate it. So Megan brings this article up. And what it says is that the best place is to be a real estate agent in the country, and they have the overall rankings. Oh, wow. State number one is Wyoming. That’s weird. Thanks for bringing us the article, Meghan showing us that your home state is the absolute best place to be a real estate agent.

And as we kind of look through this, what we’re going to see is we have all different types of areas, but a lot of them that are way at the top of the list are Wyoming is super high. Utah is super high, right? We have Montana jumped up to number 12.

We have South Dakota pretty high, right. We have all these different places that are jumping up high in the list that you might not think is necessarily where they would be. And so let’s go ahead and take a look at the list in particular and show some items off here.

And you know, this is the first thing. As soon as Megan sent in the article, I was like, Oh, wow, this kind of captivated me. And what I saw was the picture here, and that was the first picture I saw and I was like, Wow, I’ve been there. And Megan said, Yeah, it’s a super famous picture.

I’m like, It’s like the most famous picture in the whole state. I’m like, Oh, yeah, well, that makes sense. So right behind this is picture I believe it would be in Jackson proper if I’m not mistaken, and the Grand Tetons are right behind there, which we happen to be super fortunate to be able to do this summer.

And with a barn right in the front. And I don’t know if it’s some type of Mormon barn or something with it. I can’t remember all the details, but we’ve been there in person ourselves and that was amazing.

So I’m going to click on that second link that we had chatted in their own car, and there’s my picture of it so bent to the same exact place same barn, same sunrise. We happen to have a super smoky day because of wildfires, but anyways, and it looks like there’s not as much grass here. Something happened.

I don’t know if all the grass is dead because it didn’t rain and something like that, but I don’t know looks like it’s dramatically different than you see in that other picture.

So we can talk about global warming later. We can talk about lack of rain. We can talk about all those different things because this picture looks dramatically different, doesn’t it? That was taken maybe from a slightly different angle because I can see that tree in there.

Maybe the grass is really in the near ground and that, you know, it was still that issue regardless. But thank you to Meghan for bringing this up. Super fortunate that we’re able to travel and do some of these things.

It’s an amazing place and time that we happen to live, that we’re able to see the whole world right. When I was out there last, I was looking at how difficult it would be to travel across the world at different times. And I sat in a horse drawn carriage kind of like a wagon, and it was one of the ones that, like the settlers, wanted to one across the West. And you’d see with these big wagon wheels turning.

And I stopped at a place and looked at one and kind of was, you know, seeing what it was all about and it was like the size of a coffin is how big the whole space was that it was there and it was like all the worldly possessions, their whole family, everything had to be in there.

And there’s these monster wooden wheels, and I would have no idea how that would ever worked out. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but how fortunate are we that we happen to live in the current time period we live instead of one of those other time periods or maybe one of those time periods in the future where, you know, real estate commissions are super under attack?

And, you know, maybe one hundred years from now, real estate’s totally different and it’s more automated and stuff like that.

So I’m fortunate that we’re able to be sitting here today with all these great things going on. So let’s go back to our list and let’s be thankful for where we happen to be, but see why these things are going on.

So Wyoming, one of the things we have here is space outdoors. It’s not cheap at all, right? But we see people migrating here and the northwest or the north also got the Elon Musk internet right away with Starlink. So maybe people are moving up there because of that.

We have Michigan is a great place to be a real estate agent right now as well. And, you know, they’re making a comeback there, but it’s about being, you know, where the other states happen to be. This is the overall household income in Michigan is high.

So that’s kind of driving that up the rankings here. And, you know, with that becomes home prices, if people are making money, then they can buy more.

So with these ratings, there’s a lot of things that go into it and it comes down to how many agents are in that market, how many homes are being sold, how fast they’re selling, what the median income of the actual agent is. So some of it is supply and demand in a lot of different variables.

But the thing that I want you to kind of see are where the places are that are growing and why these things are going on and why it’s great to be an agent there. Ok, but most importantly, what we’re super fortunate to have is prices going up.

So that directly affects our commissions on the upside as well.

So everyone should be having a really good year. As we slide down the list, we will see West Virginia and we’ll see some other places as we get down some other states. Here we see Vermont up in the Northeast. New Hampshire also up there, too.

They’re showing off a lot of nature pictures. If you kind of see that Utah would be going back up into that northwest area and showing that off as well. So anyways, I’m going to let you guys go through the whole list yourself and take some time to go through there.

But this gives you some fodder to be able to go ahead and discuss with your clients and just understand where things are good, where they’re not. Where there might be too many agents, possibly.

I think one of the challenges we have here in the state of Texas with us being on the list where we are is the fact that we have a lot of agents in the state and specifically a lot of newly licensed agents. So that’s affecting the metric that we have here. We do have a lot of home selling, we do have price appreciation, we do have all those things.

So it’s not that I would be nervous at being a real estate agent here is not a good thing because it definitively is. There’s just possibly more competition. But you could see from your income that you’ve been doing well this year, and it is in fact a really good place to be an agent.

And I talked about timeline wise just a minute ago, and I want to realize how grateful I am and how happy you should be with where we are currently in the economy, right? We have really good prices and everyone seems to be doing all right at the current time.

There are many times in the economic cycle where, you know, real estate is a little bit more difficult to be involved with and things are harder to sell and there’s longer timelines and you know, it’s not as in demand as it is right now. There were times in our career decades ago where you couldn’t like sell a house, no matter what you tried to do. And we’re super fortunate to be where we are right now.

And I know that every day when I wake up, I’m like, Thank you for where we happen to be right now. Thank you for the fact that we live here in the state of Texas. Thank you for the fact that homes are doing what they’re doing, that we’re in demand that people are looking at our industry and it’s a real thing, right?

It’s not like you’re a used car salesman doing any one of those things. Your your real estate agent and you’re a full professional that does this full time and does well with it. So just kind of be happy for that and see what we have today.

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