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How to create a collage in Google Photos All righty, so we just showed off that nice collage of Susan, so we’re going to show you that might put together. Yeah, I just put that together and about like that. Yeah, just a couple of seconds. And it was one of those items. And I was like, honey, and we need to show this off and I want to do it in a reasonable way.

So I’m going to show you the end product real quick one more time and let you kinda take a look at that will go to the split screen if we could, and show that off and then I’ll go ahead and. Yeah. So that’s kind of the end product that we were able to create. And Google Photos in just a minute.

Now what I’ll do is I’ll go over here and take control and show you kind of where we go. So what I do is I log into my Google photos by going to the upper right hand corner and clicking on the photos icon. Now, at this point, I am logged inside of our Google Photos. So this has all the different Google photos that we have now. Shana, I want to show off a specific picture she sent me, the ones that she wanted, so I would click on the utility button and then you’re welcome to send them all of them.

No, not all of them. So we click on collage and then within here, all we simply do is go around and click on some other pictures. So now I could create some other ones and pick those out and then I will go ahead and select, maybe kind of read them out. So now we have seven, seven pictures selected, eight pictures.

That seems good to me. And then I hit the create button. If you see in the upper left hand corner here, it says that we can have between two to nine photos. I just happened to select eight of them and I hit create. Now, at this moment, the computer’s working and it’s going through and going ahead and making this new collage for us. So this is a new one that it creates. You kind of can’t control a lot of things.

It takes some pictures. It resize as it does what it’s going to do, but now it instantly creates this collage for you. So now we have a new collage that happens to include this amount of photos. And if I wanted to go ahead and share this item and share it with an external shareable link so somebody could get to it or you want to post it somewhere, then what you would simply do is go ahead and download it.

So now that is downloaded to your computer. And you have that and you could upload it. You could put it on your phone, you could post it. Social media, you could do what you want because now it’s in this format. If you wanted, you could also do some additional things like maybe put like a logo in here, put the company logo, put those types of things.

You could do any one of those items as well included inside here. And you’ll kind of have a nice response. But if you did want to use that external shareable link with Zoho, then I’ll show you the steps to do that. It is going to be to go into Zoho, work, drive and the work drive loads here.

I have a spot in particular where I shared where I save these items. So I’m just going to find that link real quick. I would go inside Acquisto Real Estate and go to the to the main share and I go to company files and I’m going to put it an inside wiki stuff and I’m going to take and hit the upload.

So this is kind of what I do to go through the process. And I would click on this. Right here is the new collage. I believe I will open it. So that’s updating that item to Google it.

Sorry to the work drive. I find that item by going to the bottom right hand corner and clicking on the bottom right hand corner. It finds it. And now I have this link. So I’m going to just create a new external shareable link. And I would call this bad ass Susan too, because I created a second one and I go ahead and create this gives me this external shareable link and I copy that link.

Now, if I want to go ahead and test that out and ensure everything worked, I can open up a new Incognito browser so it doesn’t recognize me and I don’t see what I happen to be while I’ve been as and now I have off Susan’s new item so I can take this link and share that with anyone. I could convert it and put it to Bitly. So it’s like nice and short and it could be like Bitly Susan Badass too, and use that to post to social media.

But now you have this link if that is something you want and that’s about it. All right. So that is how that works. And now you guys know how to complete a collage via Google Photos. Just takes a couple of minutes. So if you like that, maybe go ahead and scroll past the like button and it. Yeah. And put your comments in and congratulate Susan and each one of those different things. And as you go by the like button, you deserve maybe for Susan hit. It is like she’ll definitely appreciate that and. We know she definitely deserves that, so congratulations.

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