Google My Business Page – Hey, realtors, let’s establish your Google my business profile, we’re going to walk through that in just a little bit more. All right. Now with luxury real estate broker Shana Aquisto, we’re going to tell you that realtors are independent businesses. We’re going to give you a step by step guide on how to set this up for yourself. We’re going to show you how you can set your home address first so you can get that all verified then once it’s verified with Google. We’re going to discuss how you can remove that so you can hide your address. Right.

And then we’re going to show you how to use it and what it’s good for all that ahead of that right now. So let’s go ahead and split the screen and chat in the link for us, please. And what we have here is a Google page, we’re going to give this link to you and this will be done in the description.

So agents, we went over this during agent meetings this week. And what we were going over is your Google contributor account. And a lot of people we kind of sidebar on this one that we said, hey, do you have a Google my business account for you as an agent? We have one is a brokerage, and that’s linked to the address of the brokerage.

That’s not where you’re going to link yours. You’re going to put it to your home. If that’s where you office out of and get it verified there, you would be listed as your name. Come a realtor and potentially your address. Right. So you have that all there. You’re an independent contractor and therefore entitled to have this Google my business all set up for you. We’re giving you this simple step by step guide here from Google on exactly how to do that. One of the key things is you are going to have to get your business verified.

So what’s going to happen is they’re going to send some information to you directly. I’m making the assumption that your office is out of your home. So that’s going to get sent directly to your home office. When that information comes in, you’re going to have to verify something, right? That that’s actually your mailing address. There’s a code, something along those lines there. I can’t remember

From what Megan said, they sent a postcard. So then there is a postcard comes out of that mail, then you type in this information. Now, will they want to verify that that’s actually your address? Then you can go into that same account once it’s verified and you’ve established that and you can suppress your address if you would like to address your address. And then what that would just say is that you are located in that city or whatever it is, and they don’t pinpoint you on a map by being right there. Correct.

Now, here’s something to think about, too. If your husband has a business and you have a business, I think you can only have one business per address. Is that correct or do you know that I do.

And is that not true? No, that’s not correct.
So myth busters, right?

So. So that one was busted. Sorry about that, guys. So go ahead and suppress your address. If you don’t want it to be there, it’s not going to it will help you show up in local results. This will help when people are looking for realtors in my area, for example, or best realtors in ZIP Code City, whatever it is, realtor near me, and they’re doing a search within Google related to proximity.

Or if they’re just Driving related to the offset, that’s pretty cool. Well, if they suppress the address and it won’t show up, but it would if so. So anyways, I think this will totally help you guys out and we’ll go over some additional things. We talked all about your Google contributor account during our broker meetings this week. And so this is an example of something that you can do within there, that you can grow on it.

So you use your Google address or Google email and it’ll all be taken care of there. Congratulations on being the contractors. Nice. And it’s just helps you grow your toolkit different ways that you’re getting out and showing people what you are. Yes. Let’s take that extra step.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.16.21

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