Google Chrome tab groups, you know, I like tech, specifically real estate tech, and this isn’t necessarily real estate tech, but these are things that do make your life just much easier. OK, so let’s go ahead and take a look at this home car, if you would, please. Thank you. I’m excited about this.

Yes, we do have we do have it here. We do have a link about this. So we’ll chat that link in and it’ll be like down below and the description on your tabs.

Yeah. So these tabs across the top do help. So this link that will put in kind of shows what’s going on. There’s a little video that’s explaining it. Maybe anger decides he wants to scroll around here and kind of show us. But what this does, if you they do a really good job of describing this, your own car. If we can zoom in just a little bit, then we can open this up and I’ll kind of describe what’s going right back there in the video. All right. Open this up a little bit and maybe zoom in if they allow us to zoom even more. Perfect. Great job.

So what we have here is on the screen, you can put a tab and put everything together and you can label this tab. And then it is so on the screen here we have that. It’s showing off like the workgroup right here that you label this one. You put a specific color with it and all you do is like, right, click and added in. It’s super, super easy. And then you just pull inside it and put it within that tab group.

And what it does, it links it together so you can close it down and keep it super organized. So I’m going to let you drive from here forward. That’s it. And we’re going to show off my traditional tab grouping that I utilize on a regular basis. So right here. And I’ll drive Lots of times.

I’ll drive right now. Let’s see what we can do. Yeah. So we have stuff open, but on the screen here, I have my Zoho stuff. This I normally leave open all the time. So within Zoho stuff, when I click and I label this myself, I put the color to it and when I open it, it opens up the whole things that I’m within. If you see this green or the green line underneath it, what it does is it shows that that’s within this Tabb Group, OK, and then I can go ahead and close and Zoho stuff stays in there because I really have to.

Yeah, this is kind of like having a ton of different browsers open on your computer. So these are things that I’m working on for the website. So these are all shrunk down and now they’re within this Tab Group. I have different things that I’m working on currently, so my work in progress and these are items here and are four different five different tabs and I’m working on specifically related to this. Right. So these are each different items that I’m clicking on. Right. And then I have my personal stuff.

So I have things that I’m looking at here. And then I have different items again, that I’m working on. So I’m able to see kind of what’s going on. And I don’t know, it’s just one of those things that I think helps out quite a bit. I have my AT&T tabs and I can real quick go ahead and change the color of it.

So if I decide, wow, I have a couple too many things with the same color and there I go and I change the color of it. And now it looks just a little bit different for me. Right. And then I went over to the broker meetings and now my colors are each a touch different. And this is my tab for the weekly  meetings that we’re having. So I think it’s

Easier keeps you organized. Is that going to bog or system down at all?

You know, I don’t know about that, what the the resources are. That’s a good question. Normally, I think probably having too many instances of chrome open. Sometimes I see people have a ton of different chrome instances. I think this is the kind of. Yeah. Kind of to fix that situation there.

So it’s just a little bit of tech for you to chat in if you think this is going to help you out. I think just me, a lot of people that this makes a little bit easier for. This is useful for both windows and for peace or for Windows and Mac. So, Shana, Chance that is going to help you out. Awesome. Good. All you have to do is just like. Right, click up at the top right with it and off you go. We did send that link in to you and enjoy. Great. Thank you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.17.21

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