Going to New Heights for Your Clients – Hey there, Mike and Shana Acquisto here, traveling real estate brokers live from our hotel room in the KIPTON in Bozeman, Montana. Why are we talking quiet? Because it’s a little bit early here and we don’t want to wake everybody. Option was just whistling a moment ago and we’re like, oh,

Well, it’s 7:00 here now, but the sun comes up at five, 30. You know, it starts to get daylight and then it’s about nine, 15 when the sun set. So, you know, we have long days and a lot of daylight here to do things.

Going to New Heights for Your Clients

Yes. So we’re here and we’re going to go over going to new heights for your clients and things that you could do. Yeah, and yesterday was pouring down rain. So we just want to think ahead. Right. And realize what the client really wants. And sometimes they want something that’s super noteworthy. So while we were here, there is a rather well, there’s kind of a monument and it’s the mountain.

So if anyone’s been here, there’s a kind of a standard place and people go take a quick day hike and there’s just a big M on the on the mountain and it gives you the ability to just go up to the top of it and back down and people kind of like it. There’s an amazing view from the top, right. It’s one of the best views of the area. So that’s why people go hike that area.

OK, so right next to it, I happened to find a piece of property that’s for sale as well. And a lot of acreage goes one hundred and eighteen acres. But this is in a really pretty darn good location, but it enters from a unique spot to be able to get to it. And it’s very steep. Yeah, no, it’s very steep because it’s like that’s where people go ahead and hike up to the top of it.

So basically right next to it, I found a piece of property that’s available for sale. So I went and got all the information, was able to get in touch with the seller, the listing agent, and got approval to go hike there. And she says, hey, so make sure you bring bear spray with you. And I’m like, oh, snap. That’s a real thing here. So now we have bear spray. I’ll need to borrow any bears, right?

Yeah. Make sure that you’re fully protected if you’re going out. Yes. And maybe bring a gun. So we arranged for that. So here is the view of what I could see as I was just basically leaving the car is I could see Shana back in the car.

So, guys, it was a car. It was pouring down rain. I didn’t bring, like, hiking attire to go up in the wilderness in the rain. OK, so Mike really wanted to go up and see this property and get an insight and understanding of of the boundaries and where you could build and all of this. So that little red car, which was the last rental car, was a convertible Mustang. What? So we have that convertible Mustang.

So anyway, we had to meet our our client afterwards. But Mike went up, he goes, I’m just going to go up here and say a couple of these home sites and see what it’s all about. So I waited in the car and he was gone for an hour. And I was so nervous that he had encountered a bear. And I really am not comfortable that this bear is going to work.

I didn’t know if hairsprays ever saved your life.
I don’t know. Kind of thinking that’s what

You’re thinking is not legit. Well, I don’t know. Maybe the last car he just returned from Russia, I’d say there’s a lot of grizzly bears there.

But anyway, we’re we’ve been looking at a lot of land here, and this is one hundred plus acres. And it was really interesting because there’s a family that owns the majority of this mountain pretty much, and they’re selling off a portion of it.

So and this is that mountain that hikes right next to it on this trail. And I’m showing you some stuff from on in. This happens to be the exact parcel that’s available and it borders all of this national forest land. And there’s a huge trail system that goes all behind it.

So that’s all public land. And I had to stop the picture because it only went so far, but there’s a ton of land next to it. So anyways, I wanted I thought this is a unique property is something that the individual might like. So I was like, hey, let’s go take a look at this. And we did. And we just wanted to be prepared and ready. So when we’re sitting there and you’re in the later on that evening, how does it come up, Shauna?

So we had sent this to Carl, our client previously. And where this is located is like, you know, I think I’ve just decided I don’t want to be in this area. And the sun doesn’t shine in there. It’s in the canyon and it’s steep. And I drove it. OK, so when we were at dinner last night, we brought it up again. I said like, well, we know he didn’t even say that.

Actually, we were talking about him. He’s like, you guys have to go, let’s do the M tomorrow morning, whatever.

And then he looks out the window and he says, actually right there it is. Yeah. And he’s like, oh, it’s not all that far away from your perfect.

Well, next to them, I went and we were talking about this property and he was like. Oh, well, maybe I should look at it

And it from there. Thanks, Omkar, for doing that. You can actually see this property right from there. I was able to talk to the property owner. We drove by him. Super nice guy. And there’s three awesome distinct views off the top. It was a little rainy and it was kind of a little overcast. But you’re able to see the valley in three different places from this, from where it happens to be.

I would say it has about seven hundred feet of elevation on the property and three different unique home sites within this hundred and eighteen acres. And it was really cool. So he’s like, that’s the best view in town. And I’m like, well, how would you like to own the property right next to it? Like, it’s like way where.

And I said, I thought you drove by it. And he’s like, Yeah, I did. But then you got to go back up the road. So we just decided that’s not where we want to be because it’s narrow in their. You know, just one fan now, so do research for your clients, right, and send them things and talk to them about it, show them, because initially people might have a perception and, you know, instantly say no and you never know.

So now we said that and maybe we’ll hike that together here today or the next day and have a look at that. Maybe the sense of being the property, that’s the right one for them.

You never know. It’s at a really good price and you could build three home sites on it. You’re the bordering land will not be built on because it’s federal land. It’s, I think the state of wildlife and fish hatchery as well. So, yeah, it’s really cool. And you can actually you can hike to a ski mountain where you can ski, you can take all those trails throughout and fish you can hunt. It’s pretty, pretty impressive. Very good. So those are only two topics that we covered.

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