The Best Way to Grow your Real Estate Business: Referrals

Get your referral game on! Shana is one to cover for quite a long time what I think we’ve got to talk about. Yeah, well, I have some notes here, so don’t even worry about that, sweetheart. So it’s pretty much the best way to grow your real estate business is going to be the cheapest. It’s going to be like getting you the most reviews, positive and growth in a ton of things along those lines. Right. So how to do that?

How to get more referrals. Number one, it’s going to help you grow your business. Number two, you kind of have to care. That’s a big topic.

Care or the referral. I think if you if you, you know, understand that and think about that when you have one client you think about at the end, I want to be worthy of a referral from this from this client. And I want them to tell everybody we are going to have to do something extraordinary because there’s a lot of other people, you know, trying to do the same thing, probably with the same client. So you’ve got to be worthy of it.

Now you truly have to earn it. Caring is that most important thing. I kind of talk about servant leadership and we try to go by that. Right. And do what’s best for the other person. And so I think the more you do that, the more likely you are to get a referral. And so I just highly encourage it with the tremendous amount of referrals that you should be getting.

I think concentrating on them is going to become extremely important to separate yourself, to continue to get repeat and referral business, right? Yeah, they are incredibly cheap. So referrals actually cost you nothing. Right. And they are sustainable. So delivering great, great customer service to your clients and I really care about investing your time back into them is going to work totally.

Raving fans creating raving fans is something that Andy Tuttle spoke about, The Tuttle Group, and he came in last year to our, I believe, the same same type of time last year and was at our our winter summit last year. And he went all through his raving fans and he kind of has a program and a system and a process to to create the raving fans. But essentially what it comes down to is setting expectations and asking for them.

And he sets expectations at several times throughout the transaction. And then he goes about and executes on it and he gets a lot of referrals. And I know Andy personally, he’s a really nice guy and a good service and everything else. But I don’t believe that if I was to take his peer group and put them all on the same pedestal and compare them, I think Andy is a very, very good lender.

But if I put people equal to him next to him, they’re going to be very, very similar. But Andy has his way of setting expectations and delivering on it and asking about it and being consistent. And I would believe that he gets more referrals per client than the other people, mostly because he focuses on it and reports on it and makes it important.

Ok, you should always be thinking that throughout a process, always right. And most importantly, how do you get a referral? Yeah, you have to ask for it. It’s tough, yeah, so I think we can talk about that more in our training, young referrals, because they were so definitely ask for it, right? Yep. And passing the praise, I believe, is a thing that comes along doing that. People want to work with people that they perceive to be good and that are likeable and fun and easygoing and all those things.

So passing the praise, the concept that we speak on all the time. And if you  speak highly of Stacey, Stacey speaks highly of you and you’re always passing that praise, I think that definitely helps and will result in more referrals. So talk about myself, talk about Shana, talk about whomever you want that’s at organization, but talk more about others and how highly you how much you like them and value them and what they do and how lucky and fortunate in each of those items are. And I think you’ll get more. And so let’s have our support. Concentrate on that just a little bit more. And I think it totally helps.

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