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Good morning, Shana Acquisto broker of Acquisto Real Rstate, and I’m envious of our guests today, fellow realtor Kaylee Pulaski here, part of our real estate family. And she is going to teach us about Instagram Reels. So what are Instagram Reels, Kaylee?

So Instagram Reels are short videos that it doesn’t have to be just one video that you’ve taken. It’s a it’s kind of where you can piece together videos that could be it’s like up to 10 up to 10 videos or pictures that you can piece together and make one big.

So you don’t necessarily have to have a video and do a video. You can link all these different events exactly those together and make one.

Yeah, that’s exciting. And it’s just a way to be creative and kind of like, bring it’s kind of like a story, like bring a story to life or bring like a, you know, something altogether.

Ok, yeah. Now we talked yesterday about when you guys post on Instagram, you can post as a post in your feed or you can post a story. And we’ve heard that stories really get a lot more attention than just a typical post, right? But the reels you were saying are even better than the than the stories. So can we talk about that? Yeah.

So Instagram has an algorithm, and it’s just based on what it’s really what Instagram thinks people want to see. So it’s going to push reels to the top and get more views by your followers or just people in general.

There’s an Explore page on Instagram that has just a bunch of reels because Instagram wants to push that because it’s relatively new and just a way to showcase a different side of Instagram. That’s versus pictures.

Yeah. And I think, you know, social media is where we are in, you know, in society and for us to get our name out there, it’s really important to stay on top of all of these platforms. And instead of saying or catching up or keeping up, we want to kind of be ahead of the curve. And so I think we have hit the jackpot with Kaylee, and she’s going to help us do that. So let’s talk about how we can use this for our business.

So a lot of us just do it personally, but we need to utilize it for our business, and that’s a way for us to grow our followership and get attention as a real estate professional. Yeah. So you know, what are your suggestions for that?

So using Instagram to market or reels and Instagram to market your brand specifically, specifically reels? I just think being able to share a day in the life or one of your listings that’s coming up or if you are showing homes to a buyer, just, you know, kind of getting clips from the houses that you’re seeing and just showing what’s out there on the market currently, just to like, mix in with your normal post that you would already be posting just to give something, you know, to engage something like behind the scenes?

Yeah, something cool. If you see something cool, you know, and I’m guilty of this, I’ll I have so much content and things that I want to post. But then when you sit down and you start to do it, it’s like it takes so much time. Yes, I feel like this could be much easier. You’re like this, you know, just quickly and then you just put them all together. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be long, just quick clips. And then it’s not as hard as you think to put one together.

So we’re going to find that out here in just a minute. So yeah, so thank you for teaching us that. So if you guys have your phones up and ready, then maybe we’ll go through one right now. I think Caylee was going to take something from our recent Montana trip and put it together so that I’m kind of scared. Actually, I don’t know what picture she has.

No, they’re going to be great. It’s yeah, I have just a few clips and videos that I thought would be fun to put one and kind of do our trip start to finish in a yeah, OK. Five seconds. All right.

Yeah. So you guys get your phones out and. We’re going to put her phone up so you can see it, we had a little difficulty in being able to share it on the screen, and I apologize for that, my fault.

But. So everyone, go to your Instagram app. So just quickly, everyone has Instagram. Yeah. If you don’t have Instagram, you need Instagram. And I’m sure Megan has assisted you guys in getting that all set up.

So when you are in Instagram and just on your home page, you can. The easiest might be to swipe what is this swipe left? So where it comes up like this? That’s cool. Yeah, like how it’s I know it’s it’s really impacted. Yeah. So once you’re in, there’s post story reels and live at the bottom. Ok, once you’re in, just swipe left.

Are you guys all there? So if you guys could just say, yep, I’m following or slow down or what in the world is going on?

So it’s like if you were going to go to make a poster story and then at the bus sign you guys plus, OK? And then down at the bottom, down at the bottom, you do have post story reels or live.

So you’ll just swipe over to live or click on or click on Reels. Yeah. And I will go to the little box down in the left corner and that will pull up all the videos and pictures that you have in your camera roll. Ok. So I would just scroll down to my Montana, so I’m in my camera roll and I can just scroll down to please tell me you have Hannah’s face with the mud on it because I really we really need

That. I have it. I do.

Can I add that one in?

And then you can. Like I said earlier, you can select up to 10 to add into your Reels. Video So to do that, there’s a box in the right hand. Top right hand.

Ok. I don’t even know what this is. Ok.

Ad Yes.

There should be a way to let me see where you can add more than one like mine has a box. Ok, so I’ve highlighted the little box that will let me select more than one.

Done. Teacher not working.

This is the thing about Instagram and social media, it doesn’t always cooperate. It does it practice?

Yeah, I think it’s because I went in differently. Ok. So. I’m going to go back. Here, let’s see. Oh, I did it through my story, but yeah, you can do it that way. Ok. Ok, reals green minus his green screen.

There is not a single year left more than one.

That’s so weird.

Well, maybe it needs to be updated. I probably need make sure your app is updated because that can that can connecting all your people that you have?

So, OK, if it doesn’t try to update it, most should have the little square at the top to select more than one. So I’m going to start selecting the videos that I want to add in. Ok. And I think that’s 10. Ok, so I have my video selected. And you’ll see next at the bottom and you’ll see all the videos that you’ve chosen.

Ok? And now you can choose to add music or something fun to make it more jazz it up and more exciting. Ok. We’re exciting to listen to. So I’m just going to pick one that it suggests. And it has my little music going, I click the next arrow and then it’ll say, Preview, OK?

Yeah, I see that.

And here is my real that I just quickly put together. Close to forever Montana trip.

That’s so cool. Oh, the pigs, the turkey.

Yeah, so that’s awesome. Just a quick little, you know, yeah, them together. No, that’s great. And then you post

It, you can post if you would like to add like text overlay. So if there’s something you want to like, give details about on one of your videos, you just would type like normal, OK, like you would do on a story. And then, yeah, next. And then it comes up like this as if you were going to make a regular post where you can write a caption and it will share on your page and it will be permanent, which is different from story stories. Only last twenty four hours.

See, and that is the difference. So these will last so you can go back into someone’s Instagram and see it again. Your stories disappear. Kind of like Snapchat. Exactly. So so this is a way for you to keep them there. Post them in the future, you know, do something with them, I don’t know.

And people can then go back and look through all of your reels to really, really, really, really get an idea of who you are. So this is a way for people. People want to connect and know who you are as a professional, you know, and we all know that when we get a client, what do we do?

We Google them, find out who they are and see if we can dig up anything on them. I don’t know. We all want to play private investigators, but this is really cool and I think people connect to to things like that and want to be around people who are having fun and, you know, enjoying themselves.

So and just seeing what you what you’re doing so as a professional, if you’re out there, just think of somebody looking to list their home and you’re out there and you’re posting some really cool highlights and features of homes, they’re going to think, Oh, definitely love to have them posting about my house.

So this is a great way for you guys to market and grow your business. And you know, again, it’s different than the than the stories. So we want to make sure of that and we’re going to have our training coming up. So we’ll probably talk. I know Kaylee is going to be on her honeymoon, so congratulations.

She is getting married at the end of the month and going on her honeymoon, but we will plan to have some time to talk about social media and the different platforms and how we can utilize it for our business and grow our business. So. Yeah, so that’s that’s to come up on first week of November at our upcoming training.

Yay. So OK. Well, thank you so much, Kaylee. You know, it’s right now almost nine o’clock and we are trying to do a perfect job of ending on time. So I think this is perfect at it. So you guys need to remember to go to, OK, so let’s end this topic and then we’ll OK. Yeah.

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