All right, so we are back. Thank you guys for that. We just felt we need to do that. We are trying to stay on time with getting completed at two o’clock when you’re going to when you moved it forward. I kind of like that. So we have two more topics here that we’re trying to squeeze into. And so we’ll jump on both together. So the two topics that we’re covering here, trying to lay the foundation for us here.

So we’re going to talk about what is full support. I really want you guys to understand what what is support and what is not support they can hear. OK, I really want you to dive in a little bit and understand what that full support is. And I think you’re you’re having a higher level of understanding of that will help you in your day to day business. But I want to go back when we talked about having a buddy, you know, sometimes and this is speaking from experience, you’ve worked so hard to get to build a relationship with a client. It’s hard to say I’m going to be gone and kind of let somebody else take over for a little bit. I promise you, people understand. And as long as their needs are met, they’re totally fine with that.

But what you may want to do to make it personal and so they don’t feel like you’re just throwing them to the wolves is create a video and put together a video of you and maybe your buddy and say, hey, I’m going to be gone for a couple of days, but this is my buddy.

She’s going to take care of you, you know, and all of that and give that personal touch to them where they’re like, oh, that’s so sweet, you know, and just reiterate that it’s so important that you’re taking care of.

I never want you to miss a beat, but, you know, I have I have to go. And you don’t always have that opportunity to do that. But if you record these in advance, then if you’re if you have an emergency and you have to leave town or something like that, then you have that that you could just play.

So very cool. Yeah, I like that. So that’s that. So that’s kind of going back to when you do your buddy, you don’t think about doing a video together and you know, something fun and personal and so you can deliver to your clients and become very cool.

What is full support is kind of the next thing within here. So we spoke on a lot of what was going on with support, with Megan, with Stacy, with with what’s going on behind the scenes. And so we need to speak a little bit more on what else is included with support. So we want to do is we strive to add as much as we possibly can into support. OK, we want to truly behind v behind you as an agent and offer you as much as we can. However, there are words that like don’t fall within full support, OK, so things that are within it are going to be constrained to our personal website. acquisto real estate dot com backslash agents name the social media site.

We’re trying to push how we’re trying to do advertising in those things, what we’re trying to do with our listings, how we’re putting them together. A lot of it is listing specific and client retention and things we’re trying to do there and client promotion and how we’re trying to generate additional clients for you through kind of like this system to process the way you can add in more videos. You can do all types of things to customize it for you. And you can speak with Megan on any one of those different things you can ask me and we’ll try to add in additional items. Things that is not OK is extreme customization outside of our ecosystem.

Yeah, and the problem for that is everything we do technology wise, it would we try to answer all the questions the same way. OK, so to answer what is support and what’s like Systematised, I have to go back to like what’s what is technology and what do we do. OK, so my model that we’ve always had for technology is if you have something that you want our technology to do for you, the answer I have to be able to give is you have a technology question that you need to happen and you come to me and ask me and I need to be able to say, oh, that actually makes sense. That’s a that’s a valid request.

And I have to be able to ask you in response is will will this programming that we do or customization of our software generate one additional transaction for you on an annual basis? And can it be used by somebody else in the company so it can be duplicated? Right. And if it can be done by you and it’s a customization that benefits other people as well, then it’s truly helping a lot of people. And I need to be able to do that customization within a relatively short period of time and offer it so everybody has access to it.

I don’t want to do it just for one person. So the same standard is going to be withheld for marketing now. OK, so is it something that is going to benefit you by an additional transaction? Can you make the logical case that this is going to help me and it’s trying to produce more business? Right. We’re trying to grow and do better for you. And can somebody else use the same thing by making a modification or something else, an enhancement? And if those basic standards are yes, then we’re going to try to support it. And that’s pretty much the simplest way. But we want to do it within our ecosystem and make it that it is replicable over and over and over again. OK, so examples of things are like the pictures we added in this year, and I thought that was kind of an important one for the agent. So the agent goes out and they get their picture taken at a closing or at a listing.

At a listing. Right. So during media day, you get your photo taken and it’s kind of a small thing. But then over the course of the year, you actually have a lot of pictures. Yeah, you can go to box brownie and we can help out there. It’s a couple of dollars. You have to log in if you want more information on it’s on a past wiki. Go in there and look up box brownie and they’ll show you how you can get in and cut your picture out. So you kind of have like a silhouette, right. And it’ll do that for you. So now you have these and you can start to use them in different ways on different social media things. So what what you need to do is take advantage of what we have. We want to be strategic with our marketing and what we’re doing with support to create additional thing and not take them off to do sidebar things that take away from no, we want to focus on what’s the best and what’s replicable. And we also need you guys to take advantage of what you want. So a huge one is designed pickle that’s part of our support.

So previously support our support would have a graphic designer and they had names. They were like humans. Right. And we liked all of them. They were all really nice people. But unfortunately, they took off from time to time. They had things they had like lives. And it wasn’t as machine like is we kind of needed design. Pikul is essentially a machine.

They just take in graphic design needs and like just push them out and they have systems and processes to do it and management layers and whatever it is. And if somebody’s sick, they put a new person. If someone is on vacation and they put another person and you’re like, oh, that’s awesome. It like manages itself. So we have full time designers there with design Pecola to a really good job. And each one of you guys have your own log in to design. Pikul, what we’re trying to do is eliminate a layer for a little while we had imagined kind of be this layer or gatekeeper to make sure we’re going to keep design people. They’re here to stay. And we want to ensure that you have your own log in to get to design and that you can put in your own request. So what we want is for you to fulfill your request strategically and ask for the things that build on each other.

So you’re building out your own brand right within what we’re doing. And once you do it once, then they have it and you use the same colors for this and the same thing for that. And you start to build it and then you get your logo animated, animating.

You do all these things is what we’re wanting to do right now. You have to do is simply do it. We can do it for you, right? You have to log in and do it. It’s it’s all we already pay for it. Right.

So that’s what you need to do to be able to get more design. Pikul and that’s a huge deal that I think is not being totally taken advantage of. So if you guys need your logins again, go to the vault. Yeah, you should be there. Right. And Meghan, I’m sure, can reinitiate it for you and it’ll be there. But save your save your secrets to ball so you can get into design pickle. But you’re supposed to be getting at least you’re supposed the agent is one item per week per agent.

Ok, now just put that request in whatever it happens to be. Now, if you put a good request in, like in from your property assets, this is not totally aside.

This is to work on you as an agent. Right. So now you have your brand and then now you have to work on. So if you put in a simple request, you’re going to get simple back.

But if you put it in a strategic request, then you can get more stuff back. Like the other day, I needed an asset for a property and it was it was a rather complex one. And in one request, I think I got back like eight different graphics. Right. That helped me out on a listing that that’s coming up. And so I was able to get all of that back in one swoop and it came back really close. And I did make one modification, but it was like to eight things and I feel I’m going to get it all back correct the next time.

And it’s because you put in a strategic request. You give them the right information, you give them a timeline, and then it gets completed and the asset should be building on each other. Yes. So if you’re requesting something, then your logo should be able to be used, if you wanted, on a business card and your phone number should be consistent. You should like it just works.

If you put in a well laid out, then you’ll be totally great in Mike’s big on doing a bam bam video and sending it to them and showing them details. And on the other hand, I don’t do that. And in the past I’d call Megan like help, please help me. It’s not fair to Megan because that’s you know, this is a side thing that I wanted to do for myself. So she needs to be able to focus on our company branding of yourself. Right. So then I started to understand that I’m sending them something. And in my mind, it makes sense.

But see, you know, getting it from the other end, this makes no sense, right? They don’t know what I’m trying to achieve. So the more details you can give them, the better and output you’re going to get. So be very, very detailed, take the time. And we’re always in a hurry. But if you take that time and spell it out. Exactly. Then I think you’re going to be pleased because if not, you can’t really go to them and say they didn’t give me what I need. They can’t read your mind and you shouldn’t have to go back a bunch of times.

So it kind of start to do it, right? Yes. If you do it correctly, they’re going to totally nail it.

And if you if you already have your color selected for your brand standards, if you have your font that you’re using, if you have a way of doing it and you have that whole profile set up, it can be super easy for them to execute on because you’ll use all of those things they know to put it like 50 percent this and 50 percent of questo and brand you in that way.

They know what to do, McGinnes, and still do all of that already. We already have all of our logos and overlays and whatever those things might be. Right. It’s how you want to be branded that goes in addition to that. But once you have it, then you can continually build assets upon that, that you can use whatever that asset happens to be. If you want new emails to come out with something looking different, then we can do that. You just have to build your assets through Design Pickle continues to build your profile in your queue and then you’ll have that. The tools that I like to use is you hit on Bom Bom correctly that I like to use that and I like to use the whole annotator. The reason I like to use Bom Bom is because I like to share my screen and I like to do that. And then I like to take Zoho annotator and I like to draw on the screen and show it.

And it comes across really well. And sometimes you take a screenshot and you send it over and that helps. Sometimes you take a picture of something else you saw and you send it over and that helps to now design Pikul. You get one per week per agent that you send in doesn’t mean you have to do it only on Monday and send it in. You can build your Q right. And you can build a Q and put ten items in there and let’s do this one then. Does do this one. Let’s do this one.

Let’s do that one and they will get released one a week per agent. I believe mega deal ought the correct me if I’m wrong on that, but go ahead and put your stuff in. And there are certain times when our Q is a little bit thinner and you might get two or three done all at once because they can combine them together and pump it right out. But a well laid out plan for your design work is going to help you and you’re going to be very, very satisfied with that period. Yes. And Meghan, when you add an additional person into the to the, I guess like chain, it makes it more difficult. If you do it yourself, then you only have you to blame.

If you add another person, another layer, I’m going to be able to fully understand and connect with what you’re trying to achieve.

So the question would be like maybe a better question to ask, Meghan, is during your weekly meetings, what assets do I currently have and what can I continue to work on to build my whole brand profile? And how do I do that? To include my social media, my my complete Web presence? How do I maximize all the pictures that I get taken at these listings? How do I maximize what’s going on? What are some additional pictures? And I can get

myself to help build on this. And how can design Pikul help me and what can I put in now strategically do well with that and then Meghan can help you brainstorm and put that together so you come across it correctly. It’s not really fair to Megan to be like, hey, can you do like my business cards for me or can you do this? Because then she doesn’t know what you want. She doesn’t see your vision. If you work directly with the designer, then you’re going to get what you want. But keeping your design cue filled is something that you should probably be doing on your weekly meeting with Meghan.

Yes. And to reach out to Meghan for these ideas and advice on that. But we don’t want her doing that. She has to stick with.

Company, you know, our company marketing and, you know, big picture company items, when she designs and when she helps out with one thing and we see that it works well, then we can modify it for others. So recently we had an agent who had some of their stuff taken by another agent, a different firm. And it was like that was very interesting.

One of our agents created something and.

Yeah, and it was a cute little just a design that she did for closing day. Right. So when she has a closing, she uses this graphic and it’s super cute. But it wasn’t branded just for her, right? It was. So I encourage you to put your brand on there as well. But it was taken by somebody else that we we know.

And it was funny because, like, wow, that’s really weird. I said, well, just consider it should be flattering someone to take your great idea.

It should be. And it is. So do you have anything else to say? So that will support and that was all about design pick up. I think that’s super important for you guys to hit on. It’s all included like all of that’s included and that builds on it. If you start now, you’ll have more later. It’s kind of like just content that you need and we’re trying to collect the footage and all these things and eventually it adds up and you have just a whole treasure trove of material.

But can we go back to full support and understand that you have full support? Some of it’s got to be you’ve got to take charge of it yourself. And this is one of them. You ask Meghan for design ideas and, you know, and get your creative juices flowing, I guess, if you will. But then you need to implement it with design pickle.

We can’t have her doing these separate things. We have to stick with with what she’s doing for the company as a whole. And you individual branding on company assets, Meghan is way too super nice.

And she does things like she says yes, yes. She says yes way too often. And if you hear her saying yes to you, then you probably need to take a step back and be like, whoa, because she always will do it.

Yeah. And the things that she’s doing and we’re like, Meghan, no, you can’t do that. Right. So, yes, please. So don’t take advantage of Meghan because she’s too nice. We have to we have take it from here. Let’s give you these ideas because she’s great at all of those things. But don’t make her do the work.

Yeah, no, that’s not fair. Yeah. To Meghan in the least, you got to save her for me because I need her to do, you know, so that that all comes with that. And so that covered a lot of the things that Meghan kind of does with support. We covered all the additional companies that we’re forming here to add in to support. So some of the things that you’re seeing and not seeing behind the scenes is on our agent page now. We have all the tagging and Google analytics behind the scenes.

But on your page, as an agent, we are now we now have the remarketing code for every single agent in place. So what that means is when you go to your website and I’ll pick my sister Amy as an example, that when you go to a real estate dot com backslash, Amy, and from a couple of months ago, any time you hit her page that it would collect your information and then we would be able to remarket when Amy wants to spend money, that she can reshow her information to only the specific people who have been to a Kooistra real estate dot com backslash. Amy, now, to be able to do that, you have to have a certain number of people actually click on your page so you have a big enough audience size.

OK, so we can talk about how we could kind of do that. But we’re tracking everyone that hits your individual page and there’s a different code for Amy and for every single agent. OK, and then so that’s why we want to start building these brands. So now we can start retargeting and remarketing. It is cheaper to remarket a person who has previously been to your page than it is to find them from scratch. So that’s kind of a core thing that we’re looking for once they hit it once that we kind of have them for good. So that’s all in place. Those are all things are like super nerdy, but we have to have enough material so that we can do these things. Right. Because, Amy, when you get to that point, it can be like, oh, I want a video and I want pictures. I want all these things. I’m like, oh yeah, cool. We’ve been working on that. You have a logo. Awesome. Whatever these are. Right. And so anyways, that all kind of ties together. So that’s getting done by Deluzio marketing or it was completed by you for you guys.

We’ll dive more into that on our marketing day. Local marketing stuff.

Yeah. Know. So just continue to work with Meghan, work your brand and work with work with Meghan. Yes. And let let her be the great person she is. And you do the design, Pikul. You are and I always talk about this. Sean will ask a question, I’ll be like, well, who’s a listing agent? And that’s actually my answer on who’s in charge, right. It’s not always Megan’s responsibility to do this. It’s not Stacey’s responsibility. It’s not the listing assistant. And I’ll ask her, so who’s a listing agent on this transaction?

And that’s the person we all have to do something so much that’s that’s being done on all of our behalf that we have to not take it for granted or take advantage of it.

And I do tell my my lovely wife this. Sometimes when she comes up and she ask for something like an improvement or enhancement or something. Right. She’s like, hey, I want this. And she’ll ask me for it. And I’m like, that’s a great request and we will do that. However, and then I have to be totally honest, like we run a business every single day and then what do I do?

And we can’t do it for that immediate transaction. But what I can do is I can try to fix it for the future so that you get that systematised in the future. So it’s not always that we can fix it immediately. So maybe if Negin started to do some of those things like, oh, that’s actually a really good idea, I will I need to work on that for you. I need to be honest with you that that is a better idea than the way we’re currently doing it. And I would love to help you on it, but I can’t turn it around immediately and do it for this listing that’s going live tomorrow, because if I do, I’m throwing all these other things out the window.

Trust me, guys, he doesn’t I don’t get special treatment. So I tell her, like, we’ll get to that one on the next listing and then what happens? I keep nagging and about it. No, I know. But like so that’s not a that’s not a good policy to him until it gets done. Yeah. Know, and then it gets done, you know, so we try to do the best we can. Yeah. But the reality is support and what we get, you know, we can’t we have to stay focused and we have to continue to move forward and we try to do it for the next transaction. And we hope that the future gets better. But if we’re always trying to revise every single thing today for that listing, then it doesn’t get done on time. And it puts three other things behind schedule, which affects other things. And, you know, Megan has a life and she has a husband and she has kids. Donkeys. Yeah. And she has a brand. She’s an all she all hat and no ranch right now, she said. And that was such a comment which you made that one. I was like, no, that’s ridiculous.

It made us reevaluate. We were really on this level of thinking. We were farmers or ranchers and we got our boots and our rugged gear and we go out there and then Megan’s like, she’s looking at us.

Yeah, we don’t have like we don’t even have a dog because you don’t even have a hat. Yeah, we don’t have any of this stuff. You don’t have a donkey on a donkey, you know? Well, she came back to me, why do you have a dog that you ride to the grocery store? Yeah.

So thank you guys for all of that today. I think we’re done is two o’clock or so next year.

Are you saying twenty twenty one is going to be a well oiled machine for further process and everything.
It keeps getting better. Yeah, I like the way you say the word machine machine. That’s from Guillermo Mendez. Otherwise memo some of you may know memo he got capped, but he’s he survives and he’s OK.

He did. He is our handyman that we met through Mike’s dad. Yeah. And he’s kind of been all of our handyman.

We just rotate him for years and years and then he got shot and it just he’s OK. And he came back after that.

But he’s been a little bit slower. And Eric don’t know why we call him memo. That’s not is not unless my dad said so. Anyways, Eric Dilworth was like, hey, you need to reserve Memmel for building your house, is it? Oh, snap. You’re totally right. So yeah. So I texted him the other day and I was like, I need a guy and that’s no, that’s a real thing and I definitely know a guy, so I need to reserve them. When you’re building something of that magnitude, you need a lot of people around and he’s a great person. And so we’ll have around kind of that full time is maybe my right hand person to just do like secret missions for me. But he’s awesome. So anyways, thank you guys very much.

Tomorrow we left off tomorrow and TNT for important TNT will be live again the normal time as just like today.

And you can show up here if you want to see what you want to hear, you can see kind of how things things go. If you would like to get here early and be set up and be prepared and maybe have a cinnamon roll and a couple of cups of coffee, then please do so and kind of get right in here and see what’s going on.

Maybe. Katie, could you come over, take a picture or two, like, what the heck is really going on here?

Because this is kind of an insane situation and we’ll post that tomorrow so you guys can kind of see what’s going on. Thank you, Katie. Appreciate it. We’ll get that out, you guys. You can see how much is going on here. It’s an intense situation. Thank you. Goodbye.

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