Frisco Water Wise – Frisco puts out this really cool newsletter  In color water wise. So we need to be careful with our water. And there’s a ton of different things that they show us. They show us how like how the sprinkler systems work. They give you free checks. They go over how much you should be using, when you should be watering. They have all these different classes that you can go and kind of take.

And they if you participate in this program, they give you a little sign that goes in your yard.

Yeah, we have one of those signs. We do, yeah. So if you want to know just a little bit more information that’s going to cover here with luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto here. So let’s go ahead and split the screen and pull this up for us. And this is a newsletter that I think you might want to consider subscribing to. And of course, we’ll check this link in as well.

Yeah, there’s a lot of good information on this. And I think the takeaway that I had on this years ago is that, you know, we do have water restrictions here, pretty tight water restrictions. And just to to realize that you don’t need I mean, we’re probably even in when we’re restricting our water and only watering on certain days that we’re overwatering. Are our grass, we just we don’t need that much water.

Well, there we go. A lot of times it’s you need more sun like under your under your trees. You actually need more sun or different sod. So we have some seasonal reminders here about irrigating your about aerating your lawn and what different types of plants to to put together and how to become kind of an expert on some of these things. But on a regular basis they send out a watering recommendation.

So that’s kind of a key part here is they will show you when to water and when not to. Now, I kind of think that people understand right now that we don’t need to water because it’s been raining like crazy. And you probably if you don’t have a smart water system right now for your irrigation, I highly recommend Braccio.

That’s the one that we utilize in the city of Frisco, has a program that they’ll replace your old sprinkler system with a brand new one if you live there. And I think they could be like one hundred dollars credit to do it. And depending on the cost of it and my point one hundred fifty bucks. And then they come out and make sure that it works correctly for you. So they do quite a few things here.

This is something good to be able to help people out with. And we have some general stats about Frisco water and how much the average person uses. OK, so what would you say, Shana? The gallons per person? For the week. The average person in Frisco.

During the summer or last week, last week, yeah, just for irrigating or for just a total water consumption of the city, first per person, all divided per person.

It’s a lot higher than I thought it would be. Two hundred?  
Well, it actually a pretty good guess. It came in at 124 gallons last week and the week before was one hundred and sixty seven gallons of water. That’s a lot of water. There’s about Brumidi.

Yeah. The average family is four or five people living in that household. That’s a lot of gallons of water that are going through and they have to treat it and take care of it and deliver it back to you. They have a ton of different workshops and the different ones is they obviously have irrigation stations and how to go about using them and how to program them. And you can learn all about that. And there’s a specific day for it. They have landscape designs. I might go to that one. So if anyone wants to go ahead in the rain barrel,

That’s fine. You can make your own Rambert or we could be harvesting a lot of water right now with all this rain. Yeah, definitely. So I think I am going to go to the landscape design basics on July 24th at 10:00 and then gardens that give back.

So I might have to go to both. Yeah, well, there you’ll be out next week because you’re taking these classes  

And they have asked an irrigator so you can set up and they’ll come over and show you how to use your sports control system. So it’s all set up. Right.

I wonder if other cities have something similar, I guess.

And I’m guessing they probably have. They should comparable. But this is a well put together message. And you can just subscribe in the right up here in the top corner and put your email in and you’ll get this information. It wouldn’t matter if you live in Frisco or you don’t. Right. You can get this information and you can utilize it and continue to.

And I think it’s great information if you have a client moving to town to give them this. So they know a lot of people don’t understand the landscape and what plants you should plant here and how the whole you know, they think there’s a drought here. How should we water? I think this is really valuable information.

Very good. It also goes over how to irrigate your lawn. And this is really simple. They’re just kind of stepping on something. But it’s it’s important, though, because you have to get it to be able to breathe. You have to get the nutrients down into the soil. And then there’s different things that you can plant that will help save water so that you have better success there.

There’s all types of things. There’s a quality report. So if you’re interested to know what the quality of the water is in the city, the first place to look becomes excellent. Learn how to prevent clogs. I think that would be beneficial, too.

I do think so. And then you can look over and see like Lavon and see how high that is. They always report those different numbers, but it’s all in one nice consolidated place for you to be able to see that information like, OK, good, I’m glad to see that. So these are all different items that are available to you, brought to you by the city of Frisco. I think they’re pretty good.

I do, too. And if you guys are not in Frisco and in another city, I would love to hear what that city offers. As far as any water, education, you know,

Anything like this, I know they do a really, really good job with it. And I’d like to see more of the different departments throughout the city doing something as proactive.

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