Frisco Vaccine Location Info – Frisco has a new vaccine location. Yeah, we do. Yes, they do. And we have the link for you. So we’ll go ahead and we’ll check that link in and we’ll show it off. But it probably won’t do much when we refresh it because it’s currently not available. But what happens is that the legal guard is going to go to the next one and I’ll jump over here and show that page off. This is what the page looks like.

Frisco Vaccine Location

If something is going on, it’s available and available. But this is the link and we’ll put it in the description for you and you’ll be able to click on that bad boy when they release new new slots and it goes in there. Somebody has an opportunity to get vaccine at the vaccination today at 10:00. So I hope that goes all well for us. I heard from a bunch of our agents that they had had the vaccine or are scheduled or one of those items.

So I’m really happy with the ones that were here yesterday. Yeah.

So if if you’re worried about it, then get vaccinated as soon as you can write. City of Frisco is doing a great job. They’re allowing those to take place. I I’ve heard a lot of people are getting vaccinated every single day. So let’s just get this done with and make everyone feel great again.

Yes. So we’re ready. Ready. Perfect. Get back in touch with everyone in person.

Perfect timing for realtors to feel safe, secure and everything else. I’ll have the link and we’re all good. All right, Rep. Bill.

So that’s gonna be a wrap today, we covered a bunch of different topics and we had a horrible performance. I will be the first to admit that I had a bunch of a bunch of errors today. I’ll try to be better for you tomorrow. We’ll try to be more prepared.

You know, today we just kind of ran into a bunch of different things, technology related. You know, the microphone happens from time to time. There’s different things that I do. And I didn’t do them all today.

So you can ask Hannah, there’s a lot that goes on here behind the scenes.

There is not easy. And we had some Internet connectivity problems with producer Omkar. And then it was like, no, I thought he was doing it. Then I was doing it. Then we were late and I was getting in and all types of items.

So excuses. Yes, they’re like, watch cracks. Oh, we all have them and they stink.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.17.21

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