Oh, and let’s talk about the Frisco vaccination hub. Oh, yeah, let’s grab a link and chat this in and share the screen over here and show you guys what’s going on.

So it’s a serious topic here. The virus has been a challenge for everybody. Right. And now there are people that are I believe they have one A and one B of people who can become vaccinated now. And you can have it done rather quickly. So if you fit into one of those categories, you’re someone that you know, know and or love is also in that then you can have this done for them. I was fortunate enough that you spent the time to identify this immediately.

And we’re like one of the first people to have this completed for us. Right. So we are currently not vaccinated as Mike and Shana. But you did find it for my father. So I’m super fortunate and extremely thankful for that. And my mother had previously been vaccinated because she is a nurse. So she’s already been vaccinated. But knowing about this  is extremely important.

And we had heard that a lot of people were going to different places. And one, they were struggling with just making the appointments online. And, yeah, you know, if you’re. An older person or maybe not tech savvy or, you know, whatever, it’s hard to sit there and continue to try to make this appointment and you’re going to get frustrated and and not continue.

So, you know, we heard that people were having a hard time getting these appointments. And so, you know, Mayor Cheney is in one of my network groups and he shared with us that. You know, a way to be able to, you know, talked about in Frisco, you can go to Toyota Stadium downtown Frisco, and the process is fairly simple. However, he said the key is we’re about to open up to it was like seven hundred and fifty, I think, appointments per day or every other day. And they were going to open it up to two thousand. So we said start at three o’clock, you know.

Frisco Vaccination Hub

Get that appointment. Keep trying. And then hopefully get it and you can have an appointment as soon as the next day. So we’ve been having a hard time for a long time trying to get, you know, a couple of people that we love dearly in to give these tests. And we were able to get that accomplished. And I know you think maybe I should also think, Amy, because she really was very helpful in this endeavor as well.

Yeah, she put in a lot that my dad was totally struggling with, like the computer and the tech. He’s really good at certain things and then others he appreciates when people a system. Yeah. So thank you to Amy for making that happen for them. I really appreciate that. I was busy at that exact time at the start of the recession and she excuse one arm typing.

I don’t exactly know which one arm. Yeah. She was telling me she had to one arm type. I didn’t know that was a thing, but apparently she’s trying to be impressive, more ambidextrous. I don’t know if she was left or right hand typing. She I don’t know. I mean, she’s got a lot going on in the right job, Amy.

But thank you to Shana for doing that. I told my wife, and this is a little bit of sharing, is we’ve had a lot of great things happen to us this year so far. Right. Twenty twenty one. And her taking the time to go out and define this and to have my father become one of the first people on the first day that this was offered to be vaccinated was a huge thing to me.

And it was probably the best thing that’s happened to to me personally all year. So I’ve had a lot of great things, but that was a good thing. So I can rest a little bit better knowing that Volgin have all these great things. You know, to us, family is really important.

And that’s why this whole thing’s been a problem, right? It’s because you care about people and you don’t want anything to happen to them. So the whole world changes their habits because, you know, there’s things going on and they care about the other people. Yeah, it’s not necessarily about them like so much, but you care about your loved ones and you don’t want to you don’t know.

I mean, it’s just a lot of unknowns with this.

So so thank you. And I hope that other people can feel the same way, help out your loved ones and let them get vaccinated. There’s the link down below. And with that, I think we’re done talking.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.4.21

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