Frisco Vaccination Documentary

Frisco Vaccination Documentary – Good morning and also real estate, Lindsey Monahan with Wealth Wave. I just wanted to give you guys a little preview here. So over the course of the last week, I went through the Frisco covid-19 vaccination site and attempted to get an appointment. And I say attempted because it did take me a week to get an appointment. They had some server issues and things like that. But I wanted to document this process for you guys and then share it with you. So you understood what all is involved with getting signed up and then what the process was like actually getting the vaccine.

So just to kind of recap for you, Monday, February 1st, I received the first notification that the site was up and going. I tried for four days to get an appointment and was finally successful on Thursday night. Going into Friday morning. Had my shot yesterday, which was Friday at noon or around about noon, I should say. And it is now 24 hours later. And I have had no real major side effects.

The only thing that I would say was, I mean, it was a minor thing to me, but the site where my injection was done is still a little sore, but no other real side effects from getting the vaccine. So this is the first round of the Pfizer vaccine that I received. But you’ll see in this little documentary, I put together the process, email communication with the city of Frisco and then actually going to the site, getting the shot, all that stuff. So I hope you enjoy it. And I’ll see you on the flip side.

Hello, good morning. Coming to you live from the Monahan household. I’m actually getting ready to go get my covid vaccine here in Frisco. So I am high risk right now because I am eight months pregnant. But anyways, it allowed me to go ahead and get my vaccine sign-up done so I can do it here in Frisco.

So my appointment is in about 30 minutes. So I’m getting ready to go to the Stonebreaker Center to get my vaccine and I’m just pulling it off my instructions, my confirmation information, all that good stuff. And now I’m going to get in the car and head that way. So I will see you when I get there.

All right. Acquistos , I’m back and I’m here at the covid-19 vaccine site. It’s a it’s a really technical, low key location and it’s at Stonebreaker Center. So Marmol here in Frisco, sort of flip my phone around here so you can see where the entrance is. You have a giant red fresco sign that says covid-19 vaccines with all their contact information up there. Also, I’m supposed to tune to when I was seven point three after I park, they I’ll add that the parking lot was very clearly marked.

So I knew exactly where to go. So a lot of people here, a lot of cars.And I also had to have with me my printout confirming my appointment. I have to have it physical and electronic because of what the email said. So I brought those with me today.

I want to give you a little background to you that we kind of know and understand what it took to get the appointment today. So I found out on Monday the city of Frisco. So Monday would have been the third. No, that’s not right. Monday would have been the first time. I think they will discuss that part.

Anyways, I found out on Monday that Frisco was doing this. I tried for three days to get registered to get the vaccine, however, was unsuccessful. It never gave me the green check mark, which is the golden ticket.

You know that you got the confirmation of the scheduled appointment, but it kept airing out. And I guess they had all kinds of server issues and stuff. And so they finally got that fixed last night. And so last night I got an email pretty late. I want to say like seven o’clock or so in the evening, I got a note that the vaccine site was up so you could go out and register to get the vaccine today, on Friday. So I registered for 12 p.m. appointment. So it is a live fifty one right now, still early.

And then they sent me the confirmation email with the instructions on how to where to go, all that good stuff. So why did I qualify to get the covid-19 vaccine early. So I am eight months pregnant. I think a lot of you know this.

I am high risk because I’m a geriatric pregnancy. So for those of you that didn’t know, I will be forty later this year.

And so that puts me into the high risk tier one B category. And so I know that there are only two appointments at this time for tier one A and one B, and so that’s like seniors, people with pre-existing conditions, pregnancy being one of those.

And I think they’re planning on doing that until they can open it up for their appointments also. So I love doing all that stuff last night, got the appointment for today. I’m here. I have talked about this with my doctor and she was totally on board with this, encouraged me to get it either with the county or with the city, whichever I could get on first. So the cool thing is that first go in Collin County working together on this. So even though I was on the Collin County waiting list, now that I’m getting the vaccine here in Frisco, they’ve removed me from the wait list.

So I think that’s a nice little added bonus to put in there. Also, I am receiving the Pfizer vaccine today, so I’ll get that shot at noon and then you’re supposed to allow for fifteen minutes, make sure you don’t have allergic reactions or anything like that, and then you’re free to go. So I am going to see you on the flip side of getting the shot and I’ll give you a little update, but seems like it’s all running smoothly. I’ve seen a steady stream of people both in and out with no lines. So come.

Ok, I’m back. It is twelve thirty eight, I walked in at fifty eight, so took a little bit longer than what I thought it would, but most of that was me sitting and waiting. The 15 minutes after I received the vaccine painless. I didn’t see any of the I’m going to get 100 people that were in there that were having adverse reactions to it at all. So all smooth and well. They booked my follow up appointment for three weeks from now.

And let me know that I didn’t have to go online and book anything else that would be generated an email two days before my next appointment with all the instructions on where to go and all that good stuff. So it is pretty easy, seamless process, very smooth. They had multiple stations where they were administering the drug, police officers, firefighters, EMTs. It was organized very, very well, very impressed with the city of Frisco. So thanks, guys. I hope you have a good day.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.8.21

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