Frisco TX named Safest City in America

Frisco name the safest city in America. Wow. Followed up by a city that’s super close to it. That’s number two on the list. We’re going to figure out what that city is here in just 1/2. So let’s go ahead and think about this. Right. Like safest cities. What’s going on?

Yeah, safest. All right. So let’s take a look at the list here. Let’s go ahead, Chad, in this link and put it over. Bam. Here we go. Mckinney, Texas, name number two. Safest city in the whole of America.

Mckinney, Texas. Thank you, Jean, for sending this over. Appreciate it, Jean Scott, for sending over some information. Yeah. And we’re going to go ahead and blow this up. Let’s stop can see some.

Additional four and five is California.  

Yeah, super safe there because everybody left can move from there. There’s nobody there to write these down.

We need to I don’t know about that. Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Glendale, Mcallen. Plano,Texas.

Number nine when I was in in high school, one of my friends or acquaintances, I guess, moved to Plano and I was like, Plano. I was thinking like plane, you know, the lane Oh, like Plano. I thought that was the weirdest thing. But yeah, they moved here.

Well, there you go. Looks like a lot of Texas is on the list. College Station, super safe. Send your kids down there.

Because they don’t location, steal or tolerate anyone who does. I know. I like the last part. That’s, like, super, super.

All right. So what I’m going to also show you guys here is within the stats. I like this one, California.

I know. So looking within these, I’m going to take control of the mouse and get us back up to the top here. And what I’m going to look at are some of the stats within this.

Yeah. So what we have first is the rank and then the city. We have violent crimes, property crimes, vehicular vehicular mortality, drug possession, percent. This is what I wanted to look at. Percent of the population engaged in excessive drinking.

This is just like a stat that I was like, whoa, where did this one come from?

Well, that means you’re drinking and driving and. But that would go back to the vehicular. I don’t know.

But I just looked at that one and I was like, That’s crazy. So who would have thought that the percentage of population in Frisco that’s engaged in excessive drinking is 18.66%? That seems higher than I would have thought. I know what’s considered excessive.

Okay. I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. Can you scroll down? Is there anything higher like Frisco and McKinney? Yeah.  

First go to McKinney. They both like to drink equally. Yeah. There’s another 18 in North Carolina.
18.66. The same Plano. All the same. Numbers thing to me. That’s really interesting.

Oh, wow. College Station. What do we got? College Town.
Oh, I don’t know about that one. That’s so fast. It’s a College.  

Station. Drinking, I would say. There’s nothing to do there. Irvine, California. Wow. Was in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  

Where to go? Virginia. Oh, all right. Anyway, so that was I don’t know. That was just a stat within a stat.

Yeah, it was. The lowest is for excessive drinking. I don’t know. Probably I’m not going to say 16. Santa Clara. Okay.  

So calm down. You all quit binge drinking all the time during the day.  

What if that went up?   Raise your hand if you drink during the day.  
Megan Hours is 4%. Wow. Wow.
Megan I think the four.

You need to start a new trend. You need to. What did you say?
I think that’s for something different. Oh, what was that for? What’s a 4% sales tax?   Oh, sales taxes. My guess they’re on city sales.   Tax not or. State sales tax. Excessive drinking. 4% of the people in Wyoming excessively drink.  All right. That’s cool.

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