Frisco ISD School Sizes & Zoning Changes 2022

Frisco ISD has some new school sizes, new zoning changes coming up for twenty twenty two. Let’s go ahead and share this link and chat it in and split the screen and show the article here and we’ll be able to go over these items.

I’m going to go ahead and put the glasses on so I can actually see what we’re talking about.

One of those things with getting older, you need to do here and kind of go over this. So as I’m moving the mouse here, what we see is there are new zoning changes specifically for the high schools. So we have these new schools that are coming in and then we have some similar changes for the elementary schools.

So this is probably going to be a little bit easier. If you see it on your own screen and you go ahead and take this link, pull it in from the description and then you save it for a little bit later so you can look at it for yourself. It’s always great to know who’s affected, so one of the key things that you’d be looking at here is have I sold any homes recently in Frisco?

So kind of think through that for yourself. Then you go ahead and be like, All right, that’s where those homes were. Aren’t the last several years I’ve sold homes here and then take a look. And are any of your people directly affected by it? Have you sold any homes that go to Panther Creek, Lone Star Memorial, Wakeling, Readdy or Frisco?

Those are some of the places that are going to be affected. So if you think about any of those high schools right, then you might reach out to those people and be like, Hey, you know, is, are your children affected by this? Have you seen anything different in your neighborhood?

These are all opportunities for you to reach out to different people than happen to be current clients, past clients, etcetera, to have this discussion with right.

Then we also have on the right over your own car. Maybe we’ll zoom in into some of the largest school districts on the next page over there. And what they’re showing us is how big the schools are in relationship to what the largest school districts are.

So as we’re taking a look here, what we see is Frisco ISD has two thousand and thirty seven students is the average size of their high school and these are the top 12 largest districts. So Frisco is doing a reasonably good job with staying with their small school philosophy as they continue to grow.

It’s a tough thing to do as you scale because then all of a sudden you need more and more and more schools and they continue to build them in to make that investment. But if you are comparing the largest school districts in the state, what you’re going to see is frisking ISD has done a marvelous job in relationship to their cohorts of staying with relatively small high schools.

Ok, so there you go. Frisco ISD Congratulations on staying with those school sizes, and maybe let’s scroll over to the this building here that they’re showing off. And what we have is they have a new elementary school that’s opening in the northwest corner of fiscal Ice- T in the fall of 2022.

And this looks uniquely different to me. It’s very, very different and they’re trying out some new school designs. And there’s going to be four hundred and forty eight students, so that seems a little bit small to me and fifty five teachers there.

Hmm. All right. Just a unique design. It’s maybe more modern than I’m used to looking at. I don’t know. It also looks like it’s two stories I don’t know if we have any two story elementary schools in Frisco. Fireside chat in now. If we do, there’s anything that you would like to discuss about new schools that are coming into Frisco, things that you’re seeing.

Now’s a great time to put that up and let me know about any of those changes that you see and you can share them with any other agents as well. That’s going to do it for now. But just think about your clients, think about who’s in Frisco, think about how this affects them, and then think about what type of phone calls you can make to help. It’s always great to be proactive.

If you’re the one reaching out to your clients, you’re much more likely to retain them. If you don’t reach out to them and they hear about it on their own. And then all of a sudden there’s something that’s going on. Maybe there’s another agent that’s reaching out to them.

Maybe it’s not them that’s directly affected, but it’s one of their friends, somebody at work that’s being affected by this. The person next door has a kid or something like that that’s being affected by it, and it’s tearing their family apart, and they want to make sure that they stay at a certain school or go to the school for a specific reason. Anyone that you have in Frisco, it’s a great time to reach out and discuss this item in particular.

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