Frisco ISD announces for 2022 that there will be a full time virtual school, just like one that anyone that lives in physical state can attend. Hey, we all do virtual school for the last year, right?

Well, that is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker here with Acquisto Real Estate and Mike Acquisto. And let’s go over this topic here. So what we have is how does this change real estate? Yeah. Will there be more rentals that come in? Will there be full time travelers that call first, call home and rent a smaller place and travel full time? I don’t know. Is there going to be a thing? So we’ll discuss that. The impact with no sports available for those and fine arts. How does that change? Will there be less selection of classes? I do believe so.

Will there be more freedom for families and for the students themselves? And will top achievers flourish even more in this particular situation? So let’s go ahead and take a look at the fiscal ESD announcement that we have here. And switch over to it, please. All right, so this is basically an announcement here, full time virtual school for Frisco ISD, and so it would be between grades three to 12.

Right. And yeah, grades three. So if you’re in kindergarten first or second grade, that’s kind of a yeah. Go in person and you have to live within the boundaries of Estie. Right. Sorry about that.

So that was why I was kind of talking about would you potentially write if you wanted to be able to take advantage of this? Would you move to Frisco claimed as your primary residence, put a small rental property and attend just occasionally and be around or buy a property? There’s a lot of very rich people out there who would buy a property to have that flexibility to have their children be able to travel whenever they want with them. Right. Buy a home with a small home and then get a great education. And does this work? So I don’t know. There’s there’s a

Large education with those Sual school. I don’t know. I’ve been on the bandwagon grade. I don’t know. I’ve been on the bandwagon for a long time. It’s there need to be school reform. And I think that it’s more important that a great educator is the person that’s teaching your child rather than necessarily a person in person, I imagine like the best educator out there.

And having that person be able to teach your child. So I think that there’s still some more to be done. I haven’t vetted any of this information, but I’ve been a huge proponent for education reform for a long time and utilizing our latest technology to be able to do that.

And this is kind of exciting, but yet scary to me. But the first step is always scary, right? Like taking that initial first leap the day you open your business for the first time. Right. The day that you take your first step and, you know, you get on one knee and proposed to somebody and say, let’s change your life from one of those things. Right. That’s a scary moment. And there’s a lot of uncertainty, the same exact thing here that going to this and they’re committing to this is it is kind of a scary moment, but it’ll get worked out and they could take the option.

They have the option. But I feel, you know, I’m a big proponent of the social aspect of it, and you know that. Scares me a little, so I think they you know, if they asked me, didn’t we could they could kind of blend the two where you could have virtual, but you also have something that’s in person to give them some social skills.

Well, so imagine this, though. If you’re a taxpayer in Frisco and Frisco has all of these all of these places in at campuses all over the place, I have no idea how many campuses they have. They have like a dozen, you

Know, not so many. And I just heard this the other day. Maybe it’s eighty four.  

Yeah. They have all these structures. They are expensive. There’s a lot of people inside them. And you teach one to a certain amount. Right in person. Yeah. And then all of a sudden if you have a virtual school in this virtual version, you could teach many more people. And imagine if you’re a taxpayer and all of a sudden you don’t have to go from if it’s 80 schools to a hundred schools and you just have one virtual that takes care of all the rest.

Does it make your property more valuable now that Frisco planned on building out like this and all of a sudden they’re like, whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s bring this back a little bit. We don’t need as many in-person places. So if you currently live in a place that’s close to a school and elementary, middle and high school, how valuable is that? There’s a lot that goes with this.

There is and then on the flip side of that, they’re building these schools, the new concept, right, was building them like as a business school, like they’re teaching the kids how to, you know.

So let’s review. That is a separate topic, because that’s an exciting one that we can definitely discuss. But these all are great things to know. Is a realtor when you see trends like this going on. Does it make preschool more valuable, right. To attend there? Does it potentially keep taxes down long term? Are there new places that might open up?

So imagine a super tiny new school district that says we’re going to commit to this only virtually whether taxes be super low. Would retirees want to move there because what people with young children are, you know, first time home buyers, that school’s not as important, but they need to have a school district just in case happens. There’s a lot

That are already been built. What do we do with that? How do you get rid of that? There’s a lot that’s going on that is going to be better for top achievers. There are certain people that might flourish with this.
Depends on the child. Yeah. You know, but I still, depending regardless of the child, I think they need social interactions.

But imagine if the child is being bullied at school and you didn’t have another option. Yeah, there’s a lot of things. I’m a huge fan of this. So thank you to Fiscal Yazdi for coming up with. This is a taxpayer. I’m very appreciative. I like pushing yourself to be better all the time. And this kind of does it. And imagine the freedom and flexibility this gives the families now, because all of a sudden you can go do different things. You can be travel across the world, you could travel like crazy. You could go to the whole National Park tour and also be in school.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.22.21

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