Frisco Dallas Texas, and what I like most about living in this is Shana Acquisto, she happens to be my wife and a luxury real estate broker. My name’s Mike Acquisto, and we’ve been living here for like a long time, like, I don’t know, like ten thousand people in Frisco long time. So we’re going to discuss some things that we like about living here real quick. We’ll talk maybe about the schools, about the community, about how it’s new. And that feels nice about the people. I like the people.

Frisco Dallas Texas

They seem to be friendly. And I really like that over a period of time and genuine. Yeah, I really enjoyed when her kids were growing up participating in all the youth sports and the activities. I like the public private partnerships that all these huge companies have. I like the new businesses coming in. I like the energy that’s kind of going on here. Those are some things real quick that I like.

Yeah, me as well. I like all the conveniences. I mean, you have how many sporting venues here, restaurants, shopping. I mean, everything. You know, years ago people would drive to like Addison hometown, I think they called it, I don’t know, like a restaurant row type area, but would really drive out for entertainment, for entertainment. And, you know, it’s not that far down the road. But any time we have to go that way, we’re like

All the way to Addison. Twenty and it’s like way. Yeah, no. Yeah. So I love all the conveniences and the fact that everything’s new. And you mentioned people. I love the people because it seems like so many are from other they’re not natives from other parts of the country. And so, you know, I think it’s good for our kids to grow up that way and understanding different different cultures and you know, where they came from.

Mm hmm. So it’s kind of like that bumper sticker like Texan by Choice or like not born here, but got it here as fast as I could. Yeah. Type things. That’s how you feel. A lot of people are. I think the people are nice here. You know, it’s interesting. You go through neighborhoods and you see you go into certain places and you feel that people all of a sudden they’re waving to you. Yeah. And that’s because you’re driving a Jeep and there’s a Jeep.

We’re like, why is everybody

Waving at everybody in a jeep? Waves to another person in a jeep? It’s just a thing.  

I think everybody’s friendly unless you go to Costco on a Saturday.

Oh, so that’s something that’s just not OK. We won’t do that. So I do like the public private partnerships. I do like the Frisco EDC. I think that’s way undervalued for how much they provide and how what kind of things are bringing things to the area. Yeah, I love the fact that the Cowboys are here. I think that’s a huge deal, way more understated than it really is. And it’s a big deal, you know, with what they really provide for this area. I think the schools having a small school philosophy and really trying is a big deal. I think the teachers are amazing.

The teachers are amazing. But I think that is really the the number one thing that I’ve appreciated, you know, over the years is, is the small school philosophy. Our kids were given opportunities that they wouldn’t have been given if we were in larger schools, you know? Yeah. I mean, we talked about Tanner yesterday. He was able to do guys who does this band. Football, baseball, basketball, basketball was short lived, but then

The real thing it was at the time or whatever, but yeah, I mean, it’s gives you a lot of great opportunities that you wouldn’t normally have elsewhere. The club sports are amazing, like Frisco Football League is is spectacular. First of all, a fiscal baseball association. Yeah. I mean, there’s just so many sports. There’s so many things. Our kids did karate when they were growing up, martial arts, and that was awesome. There’s all these different academies that you can learn things from. So there’s like a missing the name right now. But those like weekend class work things for the kids to get even smarter are currently like they do summer classes where they learn computers.

And yeah, that’s true. The community college, they do a lot of things there. No, I’m talking specifically about some places where the kids have like a 98 in school and then their parents send them on the weekends so they can go to 100. Yeah. And do even better. And they’re like private places sitting out there, I don’t know, like that Khan Academy, but like, come on, come on. Yeah, come on. So they have a lot of those around so people can get better because you got to come on,

Come on. Kind of go from a stage

To 100 the age limit.  

Well ladies and gentlemen, we like Frisco. There’s a lot of things we’ve liked about it. We’ve been here since there’s been ten thousand people and there’s really no way more. All the way from Plano. We actually moved like two and a half miles. But it was a great move and super happy we did it. Mm. Are there enough? Starbucks’s here for you And now there’s a Dutch brose. There’s a Dutch pros after It’s in McKinney. So is that McKinney. And it’s technically McKinney I believe. OK. Maybe it’s not. I don’t even know I don’t know, I could be lying is Dr. Rosen, McKinney or Frisco at 380 and Custer Cedeno.

Let’s just get there.

Let’s get Mrs. Texas, the mayor of McKinney, into the shed and please, if you would any. All right, all right, does that cover what you like? It does.

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