Frisco 3D Courtesy Sign

So 3D Listings , very cool of you guys to go ahead and deliver signs is courtesy.

I’m up to well they bring the sign out for you the first time. It’s the agent’s job to pick it up when we’re all done, but we bring out a clean sign and install it for you and put some writers out. So Logan will go ahead and do that for you. Just have a little known advance for Media Day and tell them exactly what you want. Maybe give them a couple of options for the sign writers.

So you have that. We have to make sure we get all those sign writers back at the end lock boxes in combo boxes. Make sure that you also tell Logan if you need them and he’ll get those all coordinated for you. OK, so this is done as a courtesy, not as a for profit item. So here’s the rub on this one. Yes.

I don’t know about maybe it’s a tip jar. I don’t know about the tip situation. So this is done as a courtesy for you as a listing agent. So ultimately, the listing agent is fully responsible for everything that goes on at the listing. OK, so what that means is the listing agent is responsible for fully identifying exactly where the sign would go. Yes. So if there is any issues at all, you’re going to be digging your puncturing the ground, you’re putting the sign in. You could potentially damage something under there, whether it’s a sprinkler, a water line, a sewer line, like knows what you could potentially damage. OK, the listing agent is a person that says where that goes.

So you would want to mark that for Logan if you as a listing agent, do not mark that right, then Logan is going to find the best place that he feels it should be. Logan is not accepting responsibility or anyone that puts a sign in for Frisco. Three days listings is not accepting responsibility for knowing everything that’s underground. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to go ahead and notify you as an agent. What’s going on under the ground before we put something in the ground? OK, OK, so this is normally not an issue but it could potentially be one of the listing agent is the person who is responsible for that. OK, right. So go ahead and check.

So maybe we talk to the sellers and say, hey, we’re thinking about a sign placement over here. So I don’t know if if we really have those conversations with the sellers, with our clients, but maybe it’s a good idea.

Yeah. So we put thousands of signs in the yards over the years and we now have had one issue. So it’s not really a huge deal and we’re just kind of put it in. Now, if you’re going to be digging and doing something a little bit different and maybe we we check that out, we do have a luxury sign that that goes in a little bit different. So if we’re putting that one in, maybe we should definitively check there as a listing agent and find out. So the listing agent fully responsible if we happen to hit some something.

There is a policy on that now. So we have to kind of come up with that. OK, so this is being done as a courtesy, not for profit. So because it is a courtesy and there’s no profit whatsoever and also no no money being put aside for liability or any of those things, it does fall squarely on the shoulders of the listing agent for any issue that comes up as it’s related to this. If there happens to be something that does take place, maybe a sprinkler line or something along those lines is hit, maybe there’s a control valve or something kind of minor, you’re not going to, like, injure a sewer line by putting it in there right where it goes that it’s not going to be that type of case.

But if something is damaged underground, then it is a reimbursable expense to the file, similar to maybe showing time or any one of those items. Keys, keys. The agent would be responsible for arranging for any repairs or necessary items, and they can submit those receipts for reimbursement. The limit of the allowable amount is two hundred and fifty dollars.

So if it happens to go above that, then the agent is responsible for the rest of it. OK, so there should be no sprinkler repairs that are over that amount. Right. And it is the agent’s job to actually get that one repaired on their own. Pay for it submitted is expense to the file. They will be reimbursed for it being handled is the same way as any other expense on the file. We just got that reasonable. OK, any questions about that? Please direct them directly to me. And thank you very much to Logan for doing it for us.

You know, rain or shine, he’s out there doing that.

So, yeah. Thank you, Logan. And if you do want to limit your responsibilities as an agent, then make sure you know where it is. I mean, you can. If you want, you can call like there’s a four one one number before you dig, you can get everything marked if it’s important, there’s a lot of things you could do.

So we’re not really digging anymore. It should go in the ground. But the big one is the sprinklers.

Yeah, well, you can get the stuff, Mark. I mean, if you want to avoid an issue and you’re like really nervous about it, then there is probably a correct way to do it. Right. And if not, then it is what it is. We’ve had one problem now In all these years. So in one hundred and fifty years or so. Well, it’s a long time.

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