Friday at Noon with Mike – I’m Mike and this is Shana, and we do have a Friday event, again, super excited this is a busy week.

So it is we’re going to start from the end of the week and work our way back up. OK, so Friday it’s.

What are we going to call this field trip Friday with Mike, but you’re going to be out in the field and you’re going to show some really cool things that we discovered this weekend. So noon, bring your lunch meat mike at our lake property and be there at noon or maybe you’ll get left.

Yes, we are going to leave really quickly, so we’ll get that all covered. There is a lot of ground to cover. I do have some really interesting things that I think you’re going to really enjoy. The last Friday event was that I thought it was really good. Everyone said that they had a great time. And then this Friday I have some really cool things.

Yeah, there are some things that we we found this weekend that I think you guys are going to love and be interested in.

So that’s Friday. So then we have Thursday agent meetings like we do, and then Tuesday we have agent meetings. We do OK. Also on Tuesday, we have our son Taylor’s birthday and agent dinner. Well, so we are going to have you guys come and do patio agent dinner. OK, so agent and spouse, we’re going to not have have our kids come this time.

We’re still easing back into to normal life for life. How we used to know it. Yeah. I don’t know what the right the right phrase there. Yeah.

But it is they’re going to be on the patio and so everybody can keep their distance but we can see each other. And I was telling Mike like you know, getting back into the groove and being able to see people and I love it, you know.

So now instead of just the waist up, which is how people see you, you guys, like, complete your outfit.

Yeah. You got to wear pants. And so please wear your pants and come on over and we’ll see you on the patio. Six thirty on Tuesday. Perfect, there are yoga pants appropriate. I mean, if you want more yoga pants, you can wear whatever you want over here. This is like.

Just, you know, we want you to feel at home very good, whoever that may be, but yesterday we did find some amazing properties that we are going to show off to you guys that might help you because are new construction and they’re a little bit larger, a little bit more unique. Yep. And we had a really good time. Yeah, you’ll have a great time. Did you post any of them, by any chance? I think a couple. I did.

Ok, so if you follow Schnoodle, we were looking the things I posted were Barnes’. So we saw a lot of homes that had luck in a detached barn structure, which is what we’re looking to do. So that was of high interest to us.

So we paid a little bit closer attention to those and I took some videos and post them on Instagram. Very good. All right. So if you follow Shana on Instagram, then you can see those. If not. And go ahead. What’s your Instagram handle? Shana Acquisto. Oh, it’s a really good handle. Well done.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.15.21

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