For every yin, there’s a yang, this is real estate, and as we talk about it, sometimes people are like location, location, location. But let’s think about that. Those are the things that are important in real estate. But sometimes you have a location that is close. So now you have close but close means. Dense means more people in general. But then it means more noise. It means more distractions. It means more construction. It means more congestion, means more delays, means possibly higher prices. Right. Means maybe worse.

And, you know, a virus type situation. So then that’s the yin. And then we go on the other side and we have the yang. So then people are like, let’s get further away. So then you go ahead and think about that. So now you think more space, right? But now you have more space, but then you have greater distance. So now you have more car expense because you’re going to be further away. You have to get these items to you. Like where it’s a grocery store. Right. But then you have quiet and you have solitude and you have reflection.

Those are words that are there and maybe you have animals and space and nature. Right. So that’s like the exact opposite. But then you think about it, it’s like, wow, but we have greater distance. And as you buy more land and get to buy more things. So I was talking to a very good friend the other day and she mentioned to me that, you know, first you buy the land, then you buy the things and all the things. Tell me more about the things. So as you have the land, you have the different items that you need.

So if you were living in the city and you’re going to a more rural place, all of a sudden you’ll have things like China has now like a zero, John Deere 029. Nine fifty and Z track. Yeah, so but now you have to buy things right, you buy implements, you don’t buy tools anymore, you buy implements and then you need huge garage spaces and you just have different items that you kind of need.

So like I said, with every yin, there’s a game. You’ll learn different things. You will have. It doesn’t matter which way. But instead of being at places like like Wal-Mart or Target, you’ll be like tractor supply stores or you’ll be at rural places shopping and doing things. Yeah. So what we’re trying to show is that. Its location, its location, its location, but it’s uniquely different and what people are getting, what they’re looking for. And as you get this, you give up that. But as you obtain this, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

So it’s really deep. And find out what. Right, and know that if you go this way, some of the I don’t know, some of the things that you had. I’m going to be different and maybe they’re not important to you anymore, but maybe they are. So does education suffer as you move from here to there? That’s an important item to remember, because as we talk about this real estate, when a client talks with you, one of the first items they do bring up is education. Right.

But then they also talk about like, I want sports for my kids, but then maybe the participation rate is different. And maybe what they really want is for the child to be able to participate in something. Maybe it’s not sports, maybe it’s banned, maybe to organization, maybe it’s leadership at school, whatever that happens to be.

Maybe it’s just participation. So are there less social pressures at distance rather than in a city type thing? Are there. Is it a better environment for more words like family? Is that important? Are there different balances? You get different values when you’re at a distance. Out, I don’t know, do they have life skills, right? Do they learn things like not locking your door right as you live a little bit further out, you become more trusting. You have things I don’t know.

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