Today’s real estate word of the day is a fixture , unlike Acquisto. Let’s go ahead and define that word, use it in a sentence and quickly discuss it within the real estate context. A fixture is personal property that becomes real property when it’s attached in a permanent manner to real estate. OK, all right, I don’t even know what that means, right, if you think through it like personal property, real property attachment.

What’s going on here? All right, so if you do have a license in real estate, you’ll understand that a fixture is something attached to the property. Right? So we could kind of talk through what that might be. So like a light would be a really good example. A light fixture is it’s actually set, right.

So that light is attached. An example of the light of a fixture might be you bought a chandelier, maybe like my wife did in Venice, and she brings back a fancy chandelier and she takes down one and puts in another chandelier. That chandelier now becomes a fixture in the home, and if the home is sold.

And it is not specifically excluded, meaning, you know, like, hey, we’re not selling it with the property, we’re going to change it, then it becomes part of the home as it’s sold. So if you don’t want that fixture to transact with the home, then maybe go ahead and change it out right now.

And then if you do that and you change out the fixture, then no one will know it’s even there and it would not go with the home. You would simply move that ahead of time and there would be no problems at all. That’s the word fixture.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.4.21

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