FEMA 2.0

Today’s real estate word of the day is FEMA Flood 2.0, that is Matthew Palmer, head extraordinaire agent, and he’s going to go ahead and read the definition and then we’ll briefly discuss it.

Fema Flood 2.0 is just the updated risk rating for the National Flood Insurance Program, the former NFIP, that rating is going to go into effect approximately what they’re saying is October 1st. My stance on it is they’ve already pushed them back a month. It was going to be September. FEMA’s a bureaucracy. We could not see it till November, December, but tentatively right now, October 1st.

Anything that is the former NFIP I’m in favor of. I like that. It’s a good, good acronym there. Thank you very much, Matthew Parmer. And to go ahead and use FEMA to FEMA flood two point on a sentence possibly

To how this if you are moving from the NFIB to the new FEMA flood to point out you will on average see a cost increase of 15 percent this year.

Oh. That was a good sentence and discussing it, you talked about when it goes into effect and anything else we should know.

Get coffee with an insurance agent, hopefully.

And that is Matthew Palmer with Juicehead Insurance and you can have lunch, too, if you want the whole meal. You want just limited time to get to coffee? No, sir. All right. Our starches are they.

And you can have them starches. Depends. It depends.
Matthew works out a lot. You can go ahead. You could climb with him. You could say, yeah, if you’re a realtor and you rock climb, it’s you no longer have an option. You have to call me. There you go. That’s Matthew Palmer.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 7.30.21

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