Federal Pacific Panel Box

Federal Pacific electrical panel, there’s some stuff to talk about that, right, this always comes up whenever you have an older home.

Yeah. We’re going to show off the picture up one. We’re going to tell you about some issues in how a realtor like yourself would deal with it. Yeah.

So I don’t know if you guys have experienced this before, but there any time between the 19 like nineteen fifty and nineteen eighty ish, the circuit breaker panels that were installed in the homes. It was common that it was a it was called a federal Pacific electrical panel.

FP Yes. So if you have a client that is buying a home in the from the fifties to the eighties, you know, we’re seeing this a lot in Plano, like in the older homes of Plano and in Dallas and some of these older communities. But it’s important that you know that these things are basically obsolete.

Electricians cannot even work on them. So it’s a problem. For your for your client, so identifying this prior to a home inspection would be really beneficial because if not, what’s going to happen is they’re going to call this out as being a huge fire hazard.

We can’t work on them. These things are like the plague and the buyer is going to freak out. So no, the age of the home, identify it in advance and ask the seller if what are their plans for this, that you are aware that these are these are a problem breaker box. So ask if they have any plans.

Are they aware of it? I’m sure they are. If they have any plans to replace them, but also talk to your client about that in advance because this is where things go sideways if you wait until the inspection. So they say that they are a fire hazard.

Ok, and I’ve always been of the belief that you know what? It’s been existence for 30 years, 40 years, and there hasn’t been a fire yet. But as people update different things in their home, it may overload that panel and cause a fire. So just because, you know, I mean, that was kind of my thought process is,OK, this thing’s been there forever.

Why are these people freaking out over it? But it is. It is a real thing. So they have an issue with with malfunctioning, they’re a fire hazard. And like I said, they can’t even be worked on.

So, you know, we we know that to replace these things or to to work on these panels, even they’re going to have to go through the city and get a permit so they will not issue a permit on, you know, installing these, they don’t even make them anymore. But it is.

It sounds really good. Sean, I was hearing this one nearly 60 percent of the time. It the problem is caused during a power surge. And one example of a federal panel, the homeowner heard a loud pop, followed by a sizzling noise and a burning smell.

She called an electrician.  

Yeah, that’s good.

You know, a lot of these sayings in, you know, you hear these things, oh, the electrical panels in the closet? Why would it be in the closet? It should be, you know, in a in a different area. Mm hmm. That’s not necessarily a problem. It’s the type of box that it is. So federal Pacific electrical panel, please be aware.

Yeah. And there’s an issue with them, and they’d have to get them changed out. Do you have an approximate cost?

I will. We have someone going through that right now that, you know, they they identified this. We asked the seller in advance, Could you please replace this? And she believes it’s around two thousand.

Yeah, that was my number. I would say two to ten thousand five hundred, depending on how many, how big the whole service is and how many there are.

So just it’s an issue, but it’s a twenty two thousand five hundred dollars issue, something like that. Stacy, if you know the actual number, Chat in if this is a real value add to for you as an agent to be able to identify this and save someone. Option fee, you know, and and the headache of having to terminate a contract and start over because this is this is legitimately an issue.

It doesn’t mean they’re rerunning the wire through the whole home. What it simply means is that where it terminates there, they would be changing that out. So in this example here that we’re kind of looking at what would happen is each of these wires, it looks really nice.

So each of these wires would be ran into a new panel. This whole box would be replaced and new switches would be put in right. And then then you’d be good to go and they’d put a whole new box in your second. So, yep, so all good. Very good.

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