Fannin Lake Takes Shape – Bois d’arc, that’s a possible name, it’s called Bodarky. It’s not boys dark, it’s not dark, dark like the tree, but dark, I understand, was trying to be funny.

And we also have it could possibly be Fannin County Lake or I think it was like the lower feel of the something or other tributary lake that they tried to name it for a while. This like it went through three possible names and mispronunciations of others, and it is finally kind of close. So let’s take a look at this lake and share the screen here and see what we’ve got.

Super cool. It kind of is. So this lake is taken shape. They got a bunch of different work going on here and there’s some maps related to where it happens to be located. So I’m to kind of take control of this mouse here for a second and show us specifically where we’re kind of looking.

Fannin Lake Takes Shape

So over here on this map, we have showing off where this lake is. So from here, it’s a little over an hour drive to the end of it about where you’re driving. Yeah, I guess that is depend. And the most probable route is to take up one twenty one. So I went up and went across and went one twenty one up like on seventy five or seventy five and one twenty one or somehow a road together and you kind of go across and it takes a period of time to get up there, but then it is there.

So think like Sherman and over is about where it is. And this is the there hasn’t been a lake made right in the in 30 years.   So 50 or something. It’s pretty crazy. I don’t know what exactly it is, but it’s really cool.

Your first major reservoir in Texas for nearly 30 years.

I stand corrected, ma’am, 30 years. So this lake is here now and it it’s on its way. And I went behind the scenes and I have some pictures that we can show off. Perfect. Yeah. So I went up there to see a buddy this weekend and it was pretty cool. So this is the actual road that used to be down at the bottom. This is the low-lying land. And they took and they moved everybody out. So all the residents got moved out, bought, purchased, whatever that is. Right. There’s different words. And so these are some pictures right from down at the bottom. And so eventually this will all be under land, under water and whatever that is.

So they have the boat docks that are coming in. So this is a boat slip. As the water comes up, you’ll see the water will come all the way across and go and fill up to the tree line. And this will all be like here. And then the water will creep right up here so that you’ll just drop your boat in. So they’re kind of getting close and right. Yeah, kind of getting ready for that. And let me see what else I got here. I’ll show up some additional pictures. I took some more. Just like a big, huge expanse.

It’s weird to see how you drive out there and check it out, you know. Yeah, they have like bathrooms up in the areas where you park your boats and kind of get ready. And this was kind of cool. So this road here is going across because the lake is so long and skinny that they needed a road to go all the way across. So they put in a bridge all the way across it and then like a hump up over so that larger stuff can go underneath it. So this is roughly a mile bridge that goes all the way across and then there’ll be water on both sides.

So it’s a mile long, you said?
Yeah, I’m just from what I had heard, it’s a mile a mile wide, wide and like fifteen miles across. Yeah. And I’m just totally.Well, just to give us an idea of how large this will be.  

Yeah. If you look here, it’s you know, I think they went across to the skinniest area, but it’s a longer, skinnier kind of lake. I guess it’s kind of how most of them end up being.

I think that’s great. I wasn’t able to go with you, but I’m glad you got to go and see it, because I think over the years, the upcoming years, we’re going to see a tremendous growth out there with hope. Sorry, I think, Bill, with homes and businesses and, you know, just kind of a new new life out there. So I think that’ll be really interesting and and great.

So, you know, yeah, there’s a lot been going on in with the like there there’s a bunch of new property that has a totally different value. So I’ve seen property values go up as well there. So that’s an interesting item. Yeah. And yeah, it’s just it’s a little bit unique. I do have a topic that I’ll be talking about soon. I put that for the future topics.

So our buddy out there has some land that he purchased and he has one hundred and fifty acres and he has his own slice of America. And it’s not like he’s homesteading, but it’s almost like he’s a sedler. Yeah, but when he sort it in a long time ago, there was pretty much nothing out there. Right, correct. It’s interesting. So this is an example that I’ve run into twice this weekend. Of different people, by and large tracts of land to change how they do stuff and when they change and buy these large tracts, they’re changing their life because they have Internet out there and they’re certain things and they’re like, why am I why am I doing this? Why am I in the city?

So we see a huge push towards people with much more land and they’re all super happy as they’re going through the process. Yeah, it’s just a totally different thing to be able to do. So we’ll talk more about that. But I wanted to bring a bit of weight. You know, I wanted to bring the lake to to everyone’s attention. Great. And take a look at it. So take a drive out. It’s interesting. It’s really not that far. No, it’s certainly not. But if you have nothing to do, take a drive, a one day drive already. Yeah.

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