Fam Fest

Fam fest reminders, Shana

And fast starts tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. Sharp, please get here, be in your seat with your charged computer ready to go at nine o’clock because we have action packed every day because we have shorten the time we’re going to do nine to two right to give you guys time to leave and pick your kiddos up and and conduct business as well.

So we need everybody’s full attention from nine a.m. to two. We will be providing lunch every day. We will have snacks. We will have you guys taken care of.

But please remind or bring your computer, your laptop and a charged in a cord and have it charged when you get here. Please, please, please, please.

All right. The next thing is Meghan sent out a personality test link that we need you guys to all complete no later than end of day today. Five o’clock. We need it done ASAP. Ok? If not, then we’re not going to be prepared for tomorrow.

So we’ve invested in this. You guys, please fill it out. It’s not a test. Please be honest. Don’t try to answer it how you think you want to be. Be truthful. Ok, and then we’ll get the best results. Next thing is, we’re not going to have TNT the rest of the week. Ok, so you guys will be able to get here. You can get here any time after eight o’clock. Get your seat. Make phone calls.

Have your coffee. Have some breakfast. Be ready to start at nine o’clock. So any any time after eight a.m., feel free to be here. We will have our tables set up and everything will be ready to go so they get here up to an hour early. Yeah, OK.

If you want to just get here and get in your seat and maybe traffic, ketchup, maybe eating traffic or whatever that matters to you, I like

To be early.

So that’s fine. You can be an hour early. Yes, no, that’s fine. We’ll have it all ready. I was just making sure myself, Yeah, you better be ready paying attention to that one.

Yes. Ok, so we’re excited to see you guys. I think that’s it.

So go back to the disc assessment on that one. So you said we invested in that. So there’s an actual cost, right, that that we’re that we’re paying as a company? Yeah, OK. And so please complete it. So we did. We have completed that.

It’s going to take a little bit of time to complete this. Not like a ton of time. You basically I started on the first one and you go through and it says this is most like you or at least like you. And there’s four words and you kind of fill in and start there. So I think there’s thirty questions on the first one. And then then there’s a second section.

Yep, it takes him probably about 15 20 minutes, but it’s funny. Sometimes I have to really stop and think, Am I really like this? Or do I think I’m like this? But am I really not like this? So it’s really interesting. It’ll be fun. I’m excited.

Very good. So that’s the disc assessment. Yes. And so don’t fill it out tomorrow morning. Do it today, right, please?

It needs to be done today by end of day, or we’re not going to be able to have time to evaluate it, process it and have it ready for for tomorrow.

That’s good. Anything else related to this that we should go over?

I don’t believe so.

There is no virtual option this year.  

No, we are not having a virtual option. We’re going to have everybody in person and this is going to be setting the tone for the for next year.

Next year is going to be back in person, back to basics. We’re going to get out there, be in person, have events and lots of fun. I think it matters. I think it helps all of us mentally and physically with our business and personally. So get ready.

And if you haven’t been to one previously at our home, what we do is we set them up in the living room. We take all everything out and we use the the television in the living room. And then we have tables set up and everyone shares the table.

I think with one other person, for the most part, they have quite a bit of space and we’ll take breaks on a regular basis and we’ll have plenty of charging stations and everything else for you guys. And you’ll all be good. Yeah, so all good. We’re excited if you’re presenting.

If you are presenting for a section, then make sure that you also have what you need for that section as well. And if you need to get with us today to test anything or do a run through of anything, feel free to do that. We’re going to be here all day. Get everything ready.

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