Fam Fest 2021

Hello, famfest 2021. What is famfest? Well, famfest is a time when we get together as as a brokerage and we kind of stop down for several days in. What we do is go over all the types of things back to back to back in this kind of like classroom. And we we all bring our computers and we sit down together.

Yeah. Charge ready to go and discuss real estate will have an agenda and we’ll go over any items in depth, answer questions, go through everything for you all on a clean and concise way so that you can get all the information you so desire related to business.

We haven’t done one in a while because we kind of have to go through this whole make a different time. Right. So this is an opportunity to get back on track. We traditionally have one for Christmas and we traditionally have one in the middle of the summer. So this one’s going to be coming up. But yeah, we put it off because we’ve had some.

Some pandemics and things going on, but we are going to have this fan fest, it’s going to actually be fun and we’re going to get everybody engaged and we’re going to recap the year.

You know, up till November, and then we’re going to prepare for the year ahead and we’re going to be better than ever, all of us. So it’s exciting. So mark your calendar, November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, please make yourself available. Don’t schedule a class or please work around these days.

It’s really important that we all get together and, you know, discuss and learn all of these things together so we don’t have any confusion. It really is helpful.

So the second, third and fourth. So it’s three days, but they’re going to be shorter than I started at nine a.m. and they’re going to end it, too. Traditionally, we had went from earlier to later and then we had people that were like, oh, I have to be late because or I have to leave early becauseI also have kids.

So I think two o’clock will work perfectly. We’ll make it short so everyone can pay attention.

The agenda will come on. The agenda will come out shortly. But we wanted you guys to have all of the information so you can mark your calendar. It will be an in-person event.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.13.21

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