Fam Fest 2020

All right, Fam Fest 2020. So this is an internal topic for the fans here to Acquisto Real Estate. We do have our semi-annual or biannual, I don't know, this year.

It's the only this short film this year is just annual. I guess we typically have what we would like our trainings or get together or meetings or farm fest or whatever we we call them. And we have one in December and then one in like June ish time frame, you know, and this year will we're going to be covering that. We have virtual and on site options we do during this. We're going to cover the date and time that we're going to go over it. How you log in the devices necessary, the Sealink, so you can get the continuing education, the event link and attendance, so you can give us all that. Yep. OK, so those are kind of the items we're covering here during this topic. And first, let's kind of go ahead, if we could, Omkar and Chat in that link for everybody so that they can see the link for the page. Now, this link that we have here is going to cover for the event. It's going to have one link that you'll have. So save this link and within here will give you the log ins to everything that you need to get to. So from there, you'll be able to access just about everything that you need. So what that does is allow us to update these links over time. It's not like a pretty page. It's not totally done. But it is it is there and it works. So we'll be we'll be updating. It should kind of make things easy for you guys, but I do have some work to do. So let's go ahead and hit the date, if we could, on the car will show off that page there and move this screen over and show that as well.

And the date is coming up Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. We're going to start with TNT and then we're going to roll into the C class that we're going to have every morning and then roll in to our training. So, yeah, it's good stuff. Now, if you guys don't some of you don't need C credits, I would encourage you to watch the classes anyway, because they're really good information that they're going to be speaking on. So even if you don't need it, you just know that you still have another renewal just because you don't need it in this renewal, you can use it for the next renewal.

So it's good for the, you know, two years. You can keep banking it, so to speak, huh? Well, for two years. For two years longer than that. OK, very good. I know I have some C to complete, so I'll be thankful to get those a couple of hours out of the way. So I appreciate that. And it's Republican, right? Yeah. OK, good. I'm glad you got the title attorneys. Yeah. Good stuff. Very good instructors.

So what we have here is the  information for it and on the page that we have, we're going to have a couple of different methods for you to be able to watch. So the first one is that you will log in on YouTube. So we created this light blue link up here at the top and I'll take control the mouse and kind of show us what we have going on here. So on this link right here, this is where you will log in to YouTube each day, will change the link behind the scenes and make it active and ready for you guys.

When the time comes by clicking there, what you'll do is go directly to YouTube and be able to watch it. It'll be very, very similar to TNT on a daily basis that you'll have that. So on device one, let's consider that kind of your desktop that you'll be on. The things that you need to have requirement wise for that is you do need a big screen so you can see it with audio. It doesn't have to be like a huge. But I'm just like saying it shouldn't be on your just you're not on your phone. Yeah, right. And it would be better if you can hear us like so that would be totally good. Some people have different things going on, so we just want to make sure that you have your  speakers on there and it is not required on there that you have a microphone so you can speak in because it's kind of this one way communication just like this. So if you can see this now, then that's a device that's acceptable for this. You will need a second device because we can't see you right now. OK, so the reason that we're doing the first part of it on  YouTube is because it's nice and easy and it's recorded for us and we have a great copy of it. So that makes it very, very easy for us to put these topics into our learning library. So later on, we haven't catalogued and everybody will have access to them. OK, so that's one of the reasons and it makes it nice and easy for streaming and the quality in each of those things. So you you should be good there. And then your second device, which we were speaking about, device number two, that's going to be on Zoom, so I have a link a little bit lower down.

And that link right over here shows us the zoom link. And what we need to ensure that you have on your resume item is that you have a camera. Hmm. OK, because we want to be able to see you and you need to have a microphone so you can ask questions. So what this is essentially going to be is you will have the two devices open and this is so we can see you and sure. What's going on. And if people kind of like have questions and you can raise your hand or whatever. Right. So we'll have a way that you can interact with us. But what that will not do is affect the feed that we're sending out and saving and doing everything else. So that's the reason and rationale for two devices. Those are the ones that you need. They both do need to be connected to the Internet. So if you guys could ensure that  is kind of ready, you can make your preparations for that. Please ensure that on your desktop that you when we chat in links that you have the availability to log in correctly does also into each of those things that you should be doing. Right. So your software should be up to date and everything should be working fine. Please, if you did we spoke on this earlier that if you bought any new devices, make sure that those are ready and you can like. Be ready for this. This is kind of the thing that we were talking to, like, be ready, get your new iPhone and get it all.

We're not going to have time to be going through that. But I do want to say, some of you have said you're going to you know, some of you are going to be virtual only and some are going to be in person. So it's going to be the in- person format. It's going to be a little bit different. But if you are coming in person, we need you to also bring your device. You need to bring your devices.

So, yeah, same exact way either. We'll be recording right from here. Hmm. OK, so that's where we'll be recording from. So give me a thumbs up. If you understand all of your device requirements and you kind of know what's going on and you're ready for that in person, again, recording from this desk. So it's a little bit different for you will have some setups we need to do. What I am going to show is the link here off for us. So I'm going to grab the mouse here and show this off for us. We have Färm Fest. Who is showing up? Maybe we can enlarge that a little bit so everybody kind of knows what they're doing and what they have told us so far. Yeah, we will put this link also on the same link page that we just gave you for the whole thing. So I'll have a link there. You can update it and tell us what you're going to be doing. If you need to change. That will do it. But I'll have that link posted right after we get done on TNT to keep everything in that one spot for us.

And it's fine if you're coming in person. It's like we said, it's a different format. But we understand that you may have distractions at home, that you need to come here and physically be here to to really grasp what's what's being taught and said. So it's totally fine. We have arranged for that, but it is important that you RSVP please do that so we can make preparations.

We need to have everything set up on our own. Very good.

And if you have to leave earlier, there's something going on. The reason we're recording it is so that you can find it later. So if if you're cutting out, then just like it is what it is, some people have to pick kids up, some people have appointments. Those types of things are what they are. So that would be nice. But this is the  document here and I'll put that at the bottom of our page for attendance. So let me go over and flashback to the event link and make sure we cover a couple of items that are on that page.

And let me grab this and bring us right back over here, so we have the YouTube link and the zoom link and then the agenda. So the agenda is posted here. So if you're wondering what's going on at what times, this link will be continued to be updated as the topics are kind of cleared. Sometimes we run over on some under on others. So we have modifications. But that's the topic list that we kind of will be covered. It's tentative now, but it'll be continued to be enhanced then. Underneath that, we have Republic title is giving us some key training. So if I'm to click on this link and take a look, what we'll see is they kind of put together this page for us and it has the information on here and you must register for each class separately.

They're three separate classes, so you must each one separate.

So we'll look we'll look through here and we'll take care of that. Do you want them to do that in advance or you want to. They need to do it in advance like so now. OK, so now would be a plenty of time. We don't want to do any of these things on Monday. That would be OK. Well, so now we're sharing that link with them so they'll have it. But all of that stuff you get to from that one single link and then after our T.A., I will post the attendance link down there as well. At the bottom, you know, that'll be taken care of. We'll clean up. So it looks just a little bit nicer, but not all the links are there and we can do it.

So as long as you have that one link that we started with for fanfares 2020. And I want to make sure we have the right one here. So that's the link there, Sir Omkar. And make sure we have that link up to everybody. We will be all good. If I could say something, I think you may have touched on this, but I want you to know that if you are virtual, we are going to have the chat open. So if you have questions on a topic that we're speaking on, please, you know, chat in your question and we will get to him at the end. We don't want to hold up our training. We want to be very respectful of your time. And then afterwards, we will touch on the topics and answer your questions. And if not, we will get to them at some point. So please make sure you utilize that chat feature.

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