The Exuma are a stretch of renown private islands in the Bahamas. They are famous for their sapphire blue water and cool to the touch sand beaches. This chain of three hundred and sixty five islands is home to secluded footprint, free beaches, deserted caves and ultra exclusive resort resorts. Sounds fancy that most men there hear nature outnumbers man coastlines remain flawless and private islands abound. Abound.

Very good. Thank you for the definition. Sounds like a marketing pitch. More so than it really is necessarily, but

It sounds like a place I would like to go. But anyways, so now we’re going to discuss it. I’ll use it in a sentence. Yeah. So the exemplars are a place that we would love to go with you as a client. Let’s buy one. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. We’ll split it. Would you split an island with somebody?

Yes. Ok, so we’ll split will go 50 50,

The Acquisto Island. Acquisto Real Estate Island.
No, they get no Real estate island.
It doesn’t. It’s not about us. No I know, but we’ll split it 50 50.

Ok, we’ll come up with that. We’ll come up with a common name. It doesn’t have to include our or does it could be something else. Right. Right is first idea. But we’re totally good with split. See how agreeable we are. So we’ll make good island partners. We sure will. There you go. All right. 50 50. OK, whatever. Island is almost A great word. Bam!

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.26.21

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