Exumas Island – Topic number one. I’m Mike Acquisto, and this is luxury real estate broker and local real estate celebrity, Shana Acquisto. We’re going to talk about the Exuma Islands we are in. If you would like to meet something amazing vacation, Shana, then you could meet her and we can travel to Exuma Islands just off you and whoever you want, but we can take your private plane. It’s not a big deal.

We are down for that. Totally, totally fine. Mind our own business. We’re actually fun to travel with.
Yes. So in the Exuma Islands, pigs swim. That’s a real thing.
I’ve heard swim with the dolphins. So this is swim with the pigs.  

You can swim with the pigs. Right? They actually do their it’s one of those things. The Exuma Islands are in the Bahamas. We’re going to show you off a little bit of information about the website. And you can buy your own island here.

I’m ready, let’s try. So we’re going to hear from Montana.
Yeah, we to talk all about that. So if you have a client or yourself want to buy your own island and set it up, we would love to help.

Sincerely,get on the plane and we’re going to have to probably buy a water plane so we can land there and can get in. And there’s going to have to be other things. We’re trying to get that boat. And so we can like a barge so we can bring stuff in. It’s going to be a real project. It’s going to be an engineering feat that we’re going to get to work through with you.

Wow. Yeah, OK. This is Fantasy Island. For real.
No, no, no. It’s a real thing. OK, Omkar, we have a link charted in let’s share the screen. That’s what we got. I’m excited.

All right. So welcome to the Exuma. We’re super happy to be here with you right now. I know. Well, I’ll put my glasses on so I can actually see. But look at the plane that they landed. Oh, interesting. Right. So if you have one of these, you you want one or not all that expensive compared to like a global. Right. So if you want that, then let’s go ahead and take a look there. Let’s continue to scroll down here and look at all this stuff. Doesn’t that picture look awesome? Yeah, right.

Like that guy’s got just the right amount. Ashcroft on his beard, people back up to that guy and just like look at how much scruffy he has. It’s just the right amount. It looks like he should totally be on his own private island. And he, as you see it, in white pants. Yeah, right. And it’s just like he’s he’s cool. He’s only got a little bit of luggage. In fact, she has none.

So the guy will have somebody jump out of the plane with it and take it to their room.
Yeah. And so anyways, this guy probably is going to have to take another seven trips back and get all of her stuff out. And then we have over here the cable and they are swimming.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, about pig swimming. While it’s just some weird things take place in different parts around the world, they have amazing sand here. It’s super cool. Let’s keep scrolling down, looking at who wants to be on their own.

But pigs, it said, ah, you can see them. They can be seen from outer space, not them.
I don’t know that the pigs can be seen from outer space if we scroll back up, I think it’s going to say that crystal clear blue water is so is so clear and so blue that it can be viable, that it can be seen from outer space.

Ok, maybe not the pigs, but they are like local celebrities. They are real.
I get local celebrity out.

There’s three hundred and 65 islands here. We’ve previously spoke about one of them in particular. There’s a lot of famous people where you can’t buy every single one because some are already bought. But I mean, you can put in an offer on them and we can see if I’ll negotiate on your behalf to buy any one of these islands. Like sincerely, I have

No problem against each other. Well, then, hey, so be it. If I have a client, you have a client looking at the same island, then I’m going to I’m going to represent my client the best possible way

And I’m going to represent mine the best way. And we’ve actually done this before is not on islands, but we’ve been up against each other in different transactions. And I think we’re fifty fifty at this point in our career. I do have a win against her, believe it or not. So I just thought it’s a real thing. But you have a win against me too. We had to sit down afterwards and be like, all right, find you really want

To know this is work . Like. Yeah, no it was really work. No, we totally went hard at each other to see what happened here. Right. So anyways, it’s all the series is all tied up. If you want to be the deciding one on an island then we can discuss that because we would love to. There’s all types of resorts to stay here until you do buy your own private islands. We can go there and have that all arranged and set it up for you.

What are the prices like to buy an island? Well, it depends. So you can get in somewhere if you want to buy your own island with nothing there, you can get in for like three mil. OK, just like a cool three and you just get you started in the island there and bring a tent.

Yeah. Because you’re gonna have nothing there and then the island would go up in price based on your improvements. Yes. And how, how large it is and what it happens to be and what’s already there. Right. So an unimproved island is going to go from like three to ten, OK, and then you can buy your own island, then you have to improve it. So that’s where all the fun stuff comes in because you love things like this, right? Like you were just using the new zero turn. We’re going to have a John Deere Z tracks nine ram

And it’s like driving to go karts. You love it, right? Yeah. And this is the same thing. So if you like to develop things and build things and make things from scratch and make it better and then sell it and make money but enjoy it so that no one else has. Right. And this is all stuff you can have. So the Bahamas is great because they’re so close to the US.

And I believe in. I don’t know if this still holds true, but you can go to the Bahamas from the U.S. without a passport. I think they have got something where.

All right. So I can check it out there on the Internet for us and chat in and tell us, do you need that? You need it. covid package for your friend over this special Texas. Oh, I don’t know. But that’s a whole world.

All right. So no. So we can get an island for you between three to 10 million dollars and bigger and better depending on that. But the island is going to have a ton of frontage all in the ocean. Right. And you can go down there and do all types of things. And then when you get there’s like 365 and then by definition social and to talk about things that would go on there. So now you start and you’re going to just bring a tent.

So I think probably some water tent. You had a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s property on an island and some of the things they did, so they brought in palm trees.

Well, first, let’s not go right to palm trees. Let’s first start with the basic essentials like water. Ok, well, we need water so You can bring water.

So what do you do about that?

Yeah, so you’ll have to bring in your own water. Right. And so in the beginning, when you bring your tent, like, so we just buy this island and. Yeah, right. So now if we go back to just kind of about we go back just to there we go. So let’s start with the first things we’re going to do. So we’re going to bring water so we can survive. Yes. To survive and we’ll bring that on the plane. I forgot we’re going back to real base. Yeah, like back to super super basics. So now plane flies in and we’re going to bring water. It’s like medical forgot. I know. Yes. Yeah.

Then what do you do then?  

We’re going to bring medical. OK, we’re going to bring food. Dr. Jeff. To survive. Yeah. Bring Dr. Jeff. All right. And then we’re going to also bring some supplies. Right. So like maybe bandages, maybe some some different things have some injury happens and then survival. Oh, I’m going to totally bring my pocket knife at the very least. Right. So Pocket Knife is going to come with me and then I’ll probably bring some bigger stuff in case something happens.

I’m going to bring a fishing pole and a really big knife because you could have some bacon and we’re going to have like machetes. Yeah, like a machete for sure. All right. And what else? We’re going to want to get out of this. So we’re going to have a it. I got it. I got it. And then we’re going to bring something to start a fire with sticks. Sean is going to make this to make a fire out of sticks, but I’m going to bring a lighter so we can do that without any problem.

But if it’s super windy and your lighter doesn’t work, you need some skill, some Boy Scout skills.

Well, if it’s super windy, it won’t work with a lighter. I think you’re gonna have an even harder time with your sticks. OK, and starting with Flint, but you can do whatever you so desire. Right. And what else are we going to bring to the island? That’s it for the first trip here to stay there like three days and we’re going to come back and have somebody pick us back up,

Maybe some sunscreen. It’ll just be OK. Yeah, OK. We’ll bring sunscreen. That’s a great one. And then some change of clothes, maybe no clothes. It is your beach. This isn’t naked and afraid.

You don’t have to be afraid. I don’t know anyway, if they can see your face.  

No, they can see the water, not the pigs and not you naked. Just kidding.

Ok. Anyway, this is cool. Talk to your clients or find some clients and say, hey, let’s go buy an island. Let’s do that. How about you find out? Do they. They work with realtors.

Yes, there are super realtor friendly. I will make sure you get paid

Or they like. Now there’s a demand. I am sure that you get a great, great commission. And then we’ll talk about what step two is to develop this island in the next episode. That’s only step one. OK, and that was a lot of stuff, but food for thought. Super cool.

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