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Hey there, Shana Acquisto, broker of Acquisto Real Estate, and it is my honor to be here with countless where he is the owner of Newport homebuilders. And how long have you been doing this part of the building homes for 30 years. This is our 18th year in business under Newport homebuilders. Wow. That’s very impressive. And recently, speaking of honor, I had the honor to work directly with can’t with one of our clients that have bought many, many homes over the years.

We have helped them buy and sell, I would say, seven or eight homes over the years. And they are a longtime client of ours. And a couple of things I’m going to just let you know about up front is this client knows exactly what they want. They are extremely picky and they like everything. Perfect. OK, so no pressure. You didn’t really know this before we embarked on this journey, but this is exactly who this particular client is. So I’ll let you guys know that.

My personal experience is we we looked and looked and found this home that just really caught our attention. It was beautiful. It was just a little different and unique and it was a custom built. So we went and met with Kent for the first time and we went through all of the steps just getting to know this property and kind of what was included and not and just the typical items of a new, you know, a custom built. So we left there and immediately my client said, this guy is so nice. I said, yeah, he is very nice. And he knows he has a wealth of knowledge.

She goes, Yeah, what’s the catch? I’ve worked with builders in the past and gone through this process before, and he’s just extremely nice. And something’s, you know, something’s going to throw us a curveball. I’m like, well, let’s just, you know, let’s just take it for what it is and let’s set the next appointment. We set the next appointment and then the next and then the next. And it just every time was the same. He was just you’re so kind and generous and patient.

So you listen to what the client wants and just make it has been a great experience. Right. And do things come up along the way that are challenging? Yeah. And he can overcome them. And it’s just so pleasant, which is a breath of fresh air. So I really appreciate that from you and just wanted to really thank you and talk about, you know, my experience with you personally. You know, a lot of times you’ll you’ll talk to people and and, you know, hey, I get calls all the time from our agents.

What do you know about this builder? Well, I don’t, because typically you get a builder, a foreman, and you never work directly with the owner of. The company, so I think that makes a huge difference and your years of experience really paid off and a great, great process. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that. So I want to move on and talk about something else that really stuck out to us in its transparency. So let’s move on to a new topic and open up this new topic.

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