Expanding to new states- Hey, I’m Mike I’m Shana and we are expanding. For real, because we ate all of those Girl Scout cookies we got from Stacey this weekend or we didn’t eat them all.

I did, too. And I don’t know, I found a box in our bathroom. I was like, what are you closet eating tagalongs?

No, I left for the day and I took I took a backpack full of stuff. And in the bag I put like because I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to be. So I put, like, long sleeve, short sleeve, like an extra cold, like a hat and gloves. I had no idea what the day was going to bring for me. And I was like, I might get hungry. So I brought some cookies.

The whole thing in there, it’s a good thing I grabbed a couple because, you know, I know Trevor wanted some s’mores and Taylor one of these.

And you wanted that and I. Can’t find them, any of them, I put them all in the closet and in the pantry, they’re all gone.

I don’t know about that anyway. Thanks for delivering those, Stacey, and thanks for the quick side step that we are expanding.

ARE – expand to New States

But not because the food necessarily, but because the business that we have done and because the demand so the new states that we would be entering are.

Oklahoma, Wyoming. And the potato potato state, Idaho, Idaho, Idaho.

So we will then be officially in Texas, Montana, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Idaho. It is a crazy group of states, I’m not sure exactly how we got there, I’m sure once we get those will be some others. I’m sure there’s like a better tactic to do it than jump around in the order we’re doing because of reciprocity reasons. But we’re just going to do it and then we’ll go from there. So those would be states that will be newly getting licensed in. And if you as an agent want to get licensed there as well, then like, I guess that’s totally cool.

But we will be there and we’ll be able to conduct business relatively shortly. We selected those states because we have demand there. Mm hmm. Yes. And whatever. Think let’s just do it right. It’s only like work and money and lack of sleep.

And we just run out to get license, let’s have that conversation, yeah. All right, so there’s the expense, there’s items, right? There’s like things that you should be doing and things that you have to continue doing that we found out. So but we just wanted to let you know. Let us know. That’s exciting.

Yeah. Those are states we’re going to be going to. So we’ll be traveling a little bit more, getting licenses, doing some more research and learning more. It’s an exciting process to kind of push yourself. Yes. So if anyone’s excited about those different states, then. Chad, I know you’re excited about that. Yeah, good, you know, I don’t know which one on the most challenge, Oklahoma, it’s like right here I’m not going to bash the state in the east, but it’s right here. I think that one could be very beneficial. I don’t know if I’m more excited. I enjoy Montana Friday, too.

But Wyoming, this is Megan State somehow making. We’re making our way to you. Yes. And then I totally. But surely Idaho is blowing up. Yeah. My brother really crazy with their lives in Idaho.

And he recently took an early retirement and is now in real estate along with his daughter, my niece. And it’s a crazy, crazy market there. We thought it was crazy here. It’s crazy here in Montana. It’s even crazier in Idaho. I mean, unbelievable.

So we’re coming look out. I don’t know if anyone has to look out, but just like they do, we’re announcing. OK, there you go. Anything else on that topic or do we just set it and we move on? That’s it. Made a statement.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.1.21

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