Exclusive Listing

Today’s real estate word of the day is exclusive listing that Shana Acquisto, she’s going to define the word, we’re going to use it in a sentence and super quickly discuss it. Go ahead.

Exclusive listing a written contract that gives a licensed real estate agent the exclusive right to sell a property for a specified time exclusive. All the way to go.

Ok, so to use it in a sentence, the only type of listing that we do here on Acquisto Real Estate is exclusive listings. Very good. And each state has all different types of listings that you could have. And depending on which state you happen to be in, there might be some major differences between them on how they do that. There’s definitely a difference between residential and commercial. So this is one definition and it is a predominant type that is done here in DFW. Yes, it is. Thank you very much.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 7.9.21

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