All right, so evictions can take place now. Oh, so that was a that was a heck of a ride. We’re going to have to see how we can help our investors out. Right. So investors and landlords are people, too? They are, yes. So tenants had a lot of rights for a very, very long time. And it’s kind of been difficult. And many people now need to either sell or to get better current market rates because things have changed dramatically. They have so short. Let’s go ahead and see what we could talk about here.

So they’ve you know, that’s kind of been in a holding pattern. And I’m you know, it’s been really difficult if you’re a landlord. You know, I know there’s been relief provided for tenants and landlords, but it’s time to get everybody back working. And, you know, if you own a property, then you should be able to have your rights back to be able to do what you need to do. Right. So we’re talking about this morning. We were talking about this morning how that affects you as a real estate agent.

So I think that you should be thinking about your clients. That could be landlords. How did you have that? Was an investor reach out to them and ask them, how has this worked for you? Did you have a tenant who possibly couldn’t pay? And you’ve been in this holding pattern.

Maybe they’ve been able to, you know, had a tenant who has paid, but it’s a good way to reach out to them and just ask them how that’s been going, how this is going to affect them, show them that you’re on top of it and that you care. And, you know, maybe you can even provide an updated market rent report for them. They may think that they got a great rental rate last year, but, man, has it changed this year. So I think it’s a way to reach out.

Yeah, and I even knew some landlords as soon as this started. Right, as soon as we went through the whole virus, people went to their tenants and said, like, oh, no, we need you to stay. How about we reduce your rent to this amount and gave them premium terms to stay for an extended period of time so that they continued to pay and they had this tenant.

So now the landlord reached out and pre negotiated a lower rate? Well, now the market resets and it totally reset in a way that I don’t know who thought it was going to happen like that, but it resets on the much, much higher side. So now it’s time to help your landlords out and see what they need to do. Do they want to sell? Right. Maybe they’re house everything. That was brutal. I don’t you know, maybe they want to sell.

So go ahead and think through who you have as landlords in your portfolio and see if you could help them out. I didn’t know how many people you think this has affected that’s in your sphere that either owns a property that runs a mile or is a tenant. And those are great times to be reaching out to those people. So this is what you want to be thinking through. Have you done a lot of leases recently? If some of those people probably need to do something different because their rates are going to go up dramatically.

So these are great opportunities for you as an agent to go ahead and understand that and capitalize on it and grab them. Right. So just really, really think through anything lease related. So question one is, have you done any leases in the last several years? Yeah, right on either side and do those people want to move, make sure that you reach out because today’s decidedly a different day than it was

Last week, or it doesn’t matter if you had a tenant that moved in, you know, reach out to them. Of course, you want to ask them if they’re represented, but if not, could you provide a rental report so they can see what the current rental rates are going for? Or are they interested to list? So both sides could. Very good. Let’s create some additional business for you with people buying. You just have to look through this and think about it, right? All right, that’s good. Good job.

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