Today’s real estate word of the day is a state.  What we’re going to do, you’re going to have to blow it up a little, we’re going to read it, we’re going to define it, and we’re going to quickly discuss it. Go ahead.

Estate the ownership interest of an individual in real property, the sum total of all the real estate, property and personal property owned by an individual at a time of death.

Ok, so this is referring to death here, I would think that the word estate, I like to think, yeah, like we have an estate or a man or any one of those things. Right. So that’s great to discuss. If you have a large home, this definition and use of the word of estate or a small. Yeah. Happens to have to do with your personal property, your your real property. And at the time of past.

Yes. And you know, you say large homes estates can be a small home? No, they certainly can. I was thinking of a more along the lines of like a hacienda.

No, like we we perceive that word as something large and grandioso.  

Right. But it could mean literally anything. Yeah, it could.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 7.6.21

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