Fam Fest 2020 – Day 2

Transcription – Establishing and Growing your Reputation – Day 2

Hello, how are you guys doing? So let's talk about generating content or sorry, establishing and growing your reputation, establishing and growing your reputation. So you're an agent and you want more business, right? So it's all about kind of like how you do things.

And I'm always kind of said that you can tell if an agent is going to be successful by the following question, OK, if you're considering becoming an agent and it continues on as you're going through it, it really comes down to a reputation thing. So here's a direct question.

If you're transitioning from another field or somebody loosely knows you and they kind of live down the street from you and it's like, hey, the girl down the street in the yellow house is going to become a new licensed agent. And people around the neighborhood who kind of know the lady that lives down the street in the yellow door, whatever that person is, would they say, oh, she's going to be an agent? I would totally use her for for us. And they kind of know her, but they kind of don't. And they're like, oh, she seems reputable, all those things. Right. It comes down to reputation. So that answer on its own is who's going to be successful as an agent?

But the basics behind that is all about reputation in building your reputation, who you are. Yeah.

So some further details about that positive ways that you would build your reputation, like, do we want to talk about things that we would do on social media or things we wouldn't do? Recently, I saw some people that were like, I like extremely reputable. And Shauna mentioned something about him. And I was like, oh, wow. They mention like I saw this person doing that. And then I was talking to him like, oh, I forgot I did that on Facebook. I was like, oh, OK. It was forgot that, like, I was on Instagram.

It was really weird. Inappropriate.

Yeah, it wasn't Instagram, but what a Snapchat.This person had no idea that I was on their Snapchat.

So they're doing like extremely you have to think people you're going to get different, different people from different platforms.

So some people are Instagram.

So whatever however you're presenting yourself out there, whether it's in the grocery store, on social media, in your neighborhood, you know, whatever it is at your kid's school event, whatever it is, if you're one of those parents, it's like jumping down the throat of a coach. You know, all of these things, somebody is going to remember it. And it's funny how it you know, it affects your reputation.

And I go by that like ninety nine one rule, but there's a lot of people that don't. Yeah. So on the other side, you know the different things. Right. So I try to stay is neutral as I can and not like talk about politics in those things that affects people. If you take the whole country and you divide it down which side they fall one way or the other, right, left or right. And you divided it and you said some comment, whatever that comment is, the best you could possibly hope for is 60 percent of the country agrees with you and 40 percent of the country hate your guts because of that comment you made. And now all of a sudden, you lost a potential of 40 percent of the country. That could be your client specifically if those values are important to them. Right. So you cut that all away so you don't want to do those types of things in this which is kind of speaking about with reputation.

Yeah. And, you know, you never want to try to be something that you're not. You want to be true to yourself. And if you firmly believe in something, that's great, but you have to think how it can affect you. And if that's really important to you, because you don't want to be upset if somebody you know, these people in my circle here utilize my services, well, they all think you're against something that they believe in. Right, because you've said it on social media. So just think I think before and think about who you truly are and  how you want people to perceive you, you know, and start when you're doing your social media posts.

I don't know that anybody does anything inappropriate here, but it can affect you. So just be aware and think and be smart when you're posting and be true to yourself.

And that's that's totally good. But just know what these items happen to be and represent yourself in the best possible way, but be consistent with it. So across the different platforms, there's ways that you can link them all up and you can schedule things and be super consistent. So you might want to set up a meeting with again. And if you are trying to be active on social media, then you can go ahead and access those tools through Zoho.

Zoho Social, very powerful social media. Zoho Social has the different platforms all linked within it. We can track all types of items, we can schedule posts, we can put them out in the future. We can cross platform from. There's a bunch of different tools that we have within there. It's kind of like a platform that Cross promotes and does like helps you with social media management. There is a bunch of the different accounts that we've that we already paid for. It's an expensive service, but we have it and it's included with as long as you are going to actively be utilizing it. So if you're not logging in and you're not using it, and why should anyone pay for it? It's just like a waste. Right. So it is one of those things that we pay for. So please log in. Please put all your brands there and you'll do a much better job. But being consistent across those brands is going to be important. So if you're doing a Monday, whatever it is, like a Monday fun fact or a Friday, whatever that happens to be, you can schedule amount in advance. So they all take place.

You can get consistent with what you're doing across different brands and you can submit those to design people. So like yesterday, we were talking about Design Pickle and how that works into the marketing plan and what you get for full support. And that would be really part of it. Right, is requesting all these things in advance. And a good request to them would say, can I have this item in Instagram form? Facebook sighs Can I get it in the different formats right now so that you can share it there? And can I get one so that I can use it for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, for Halloween, whatever those things are? And that's an example of a well done request that you would put in to Design Pickle would be to get all those back. And then when those things come back, super easy to go ahead and have a whole social and schedule it so that it goes out. So you have great looking content that is consistent and it is cross-channel in multiplatform and this is all, you know, available for you guys.

I don't think a lot of people take advantage of it, like you said. And I mean, why not? You're not having to pay. If you went outside of the company to to utilize these services, it would be extremely expensive. So and I think tomorrow will touch more on this. But, you know, sometimes we will attend a class or something and people will try to sell you something and encourage you to build your own CRM or your own website or all these different things. And, you know, basically everything that we're doing here that that you work on every day is we probably already have what  they're trying to sell you. Right. It's probably something that we already offer here. So before you do something like that, please let us know and let's see if it's something that we already have in place and we can explain that to you and how you can utilize it.

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