Today’s real estate word of the day is escrow. Let’s go ahead and define the word, use it in a sentence and quickly, real quickly, discuss that for you. So escrow is an item of value money documents deposited with a third party to be delivered upon fulfillment of a condition, for example, the earnest money deposit and is put into escrow until delivered to the seller when the transaction is closed. OK, so escrow would be probably deposited at a title company.

So if we’re going to go ahead and use that word in a sentence, let’s see. I guess I’ll use exactly that your escrow money is to deposited at the title company in my Quizno’s favorite title company is Republic Title. My favorite clothes of all time is Sherry Graham. She doesn’t close really anymore. She’s kind of like a big deal and she’s super high up at the company.

So she doesn’t do that type of stuff anymore, but doesn’t mean she’s still not awesome at it. So that’s using that in a sentence and a quickly discussed it. Therefore you I think that’s about all we have. Let’s get out of here.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.24.21

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