Escrow Disbursements

Today’s real estate word of the day is escrowed disbursements, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to define the word, we’re going to use it in a sentence. And quickly, very quickly, discuss that. A go ahead escrow disbursements, the use of escrow funds to pay real estate taxes, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance and other property expenses as they become due.

Very good to use it in a sentence. Your lender will hold your escrows and disperse them directly to the correct parties when the time is appropriate. Very good. Very good. All right. And you’ll basically to discuss it real quick because you’re paying one twelfth each month and then they pay it all out when it’s due and you don’t kind of have to worry about it. You might have to reconcile it. But it kind of is a double check. It is to make Sure that while they’ll tell you like, hey, you’re short, hey, you’re over and give you a reconciliation every once in a while, that’s it.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 7.2.21

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