Hey, I’m Mike, I’m Shana, we are brokers with Acquisto Real Estate. It’s good to see it today or fun to hang out sometimes. And let me show you an email attachment and you can be the judge. So I saw an email come over and I wanted to know from  a real estate broker how you like this. So what this is, is this is an email attachment will possibly blow it up here a little bit for us.

Email attachments on offers

You’re going to have. But it comes across with an offer. Right. And so now in this offer are well documented and has a name of each different item on what it happens to be. But it came over as seven attachments when the offer came over. And then there was like a picture of maybe it’s a family or something on here. Right. It’s distorted a
little bit. But it seems to me like there is an offer, a letter reason or whatever.

And I was thinking myself, do I like it like this? And the reason I ask that question myself is, unlike if I’m doing this, I know the printout seven different items and save seven different folders. And is it better if it’s one? Tell me about this, please.

I personally like them individual because most of the time you’re going to have to separate one out for some reason or another. I don’t. I mean, if you go back into the file like receiving, if you go back into the file and it’s all one and you just want to seller’s disclosure, I mean, you don’t want the whole packet put together. You want to be able to just get what you need out of it. OK, and if a lender needs a, you know, an intact amendment or something, you don’t want to send the whole package.

You want to send one particular form.

Ok, so I like I’m separated. But what I do like is to know what they are when they’re saved and they’re just a number and you have no idea what it is. It’s really confusing. So I think this is naming it with what the the street and what the document is. I think that’s very helpful.

I might take a go ahead and label the image of the family, whatever that family’s name happens to be, the same as the prequalification job here with with naming everything.

But yeah, they should have named that photo. So you can.

But it was pretty good as far as you’re concerned there with the naming in the labeling and all that stuff. Yeah. And so what you want is you need to make it easy for the other person to say, yes, you’re putting in an offer. Right. And you want to make it look good. Right. Like how can I what they do? And if you make it hard, then sometimes it’s difficult.

You know, Jody brought something up, too. And this is this is so true.

When someone sends over like a zip file, you have to go in, extract it, then save it. And it’s just an extra step and it’s kind of annoying.

So having them individual, I mean, sometimes you have it when you’re sending a contract or receiving a contract, there’s not. And it’s not going to you shouldn’t have to zip file it. I mean, it’s fine to have an individual. It’s not so large that you have to zip file it. Right.

So but going on that topic, you know, they also sent their pre qualification over with the offer. I see a lot of people that’ll send the offer and then they’re like, oh, sorry, here’s a seller’s disclosure. Here’s the pre approval letter or I’ll send you that later. Don’t do that. Send it all complete. And like you said, make it easy for someone to say yes, because it does matter when you’re having to sort and look for things, you’re just kind of all right.

So I believe it’s progressive that has a commercial on, like, you’re starting to act like your parents are like whatever that is, you know what I mean? And and so in there, they talk about different things that, like the parents have a hard times with, OK, so imagine the real estate community as a whole and understand who’s looking at it. And then think about the potential, the seller of the property as well. And if that works with them. Right. Because you want to say yes. But if they can’t even open it is weird is that is because it’s a real thing.

It’s something we have a hard time with opening a zip file. OK, now what, you have to extract it. OK, then what. How do I do that. I did. I can’t find it. I mean there’s a lot of complications to that.

So no, there really is. So I think we need to explore this just a little bit more. I see a few things on here that could be problematic. So we have it as a D, C, X file. So it’s a docs file, Microsoft Word, the newer version of OK. And so sometimes there might be a plug in you have to put in if you don’t have that. It looks like we’ve committed here to a PDF opening style. Maybe in this particular situation here, a better way to do it would be to not go into different formats and image.

So I might take that image, put it on the letter and combine it together. Don’t make the people look at two different things and get confused or whatever that is. Put it together. And one image in the letter and then save, that is a PDF. Everything should be a PDF because what we did is we took those items and put them all together as PDF. Right. So if you want them individually, then that’s the way that we could kind to do it.

And, you know, Omkar brought up a good point to zip files were a source of viruses before. And I know I’m hesitant to open a zip file. I research it and find out and contact the person and say, did you send me this?

Because the last thing you want to do is download something and it’s it’s going to hack your system. So, yes, good point.

And Stacey brings up an excellent point as well, that the doc file can be altered. Right? It’s a different thing. Yeah. But also un progressive. They do say, like now we’re going to open a PDF and they’re like, well, you I have no idea how to do that. One click is just a thing. People it can’t help everyone. It’s really weird and unique. Well, so and then attachment sizes and those other items.

Might I make a suggestion here on the spot and say, I don’t know if this would work and how would people see it if you took all of the documents together and put them in a share link and then had that link is an external share link and you put it inside Zoho work drive and just sent the one link so that they could click on it.

And all the documents I have links like that come over because you have problems with size. Yeah. Of of downloads or whatever it could be. And you like I’m trying to just discuss is consider your audience on who’s receiving this and consider how they’re saying yes. Right. And consider especially in a situation where they have 20 different offers, are they going to take the time to want to look through seven different things?

But when they lay eggs and they have to I mean, they have to download them anyway.

But to me, if I was doing that, maybe you give them the option. So, like, if that was a real like a new way of Zip, I mean, that’s kind of interesting. Yeah.

So if I’m a realtor, what I might possibly do is here’s a link. And in here I’m going to send it to you two ways. Everything in one document, you can easily print it out and share it and sign it and everything all at once. And then you have all these additional items like and I’m going to give you each one separately and give you the option on which one you like.

Maybe I can say, why don’t you ask the agent what they prefer. That’s even better. The click to try to see a problem with that. If the agents like, you know what, one link, that’ll be great. And then what if you don’t know how to do that into click on a link. No, to create that in Zoho. How do you create your link, your external shareable link?

Yes. Well, because I’m going over seven times and it’s posted to the wiki typed out right in and you will find it. How to create an external shareable link in Zoho. Homework drive links to. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for a agreement on that topic. But what we’re covering is just how do you want. So think about yourself is receiving agent. Think about your clients.

It’s just something. Please think about it. The point is, think about it maybe. And for them to say yes, ask. And, you know, that’s a way to talk to the agent and show that you’re, you know, you’re trying to make it super easy for them. And they might remember you so little. The little things, is it. Yeah, it makes it easy, I suppose, because we’re trying to show there is like, hey, I care, I’m going to do what’s best.

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