Electric grids, hmm. So we just found out during this storm, what’s it called now?

Winter storm, a perfect so we just got totally blasted by it, right, and we had all different types of problems in a lot of people’s power went out and I don’t know the exact number, but I was totally infuriated. That was I didn’t say that word infuriated. Yeah, you did a great job with that. So I was really mad at how the whole thing went down and I was very upset with the power companies and how they turned it off and how they weren’t prepared and all that stuff.

But I’ll move past it, but the question that I’m asking here is, is your property worth more?

If the power did not go off to your property for some reason. And it kind of seems like it should be. I actually didn’t realize how big the problem is. We weren’t watching the news. We kind of disavowed that for a while and decided to be just rainmaker’s on their own. Right. And turn off our power station the whole time here in our home in Frisco. And then we went out. We’re like, oh, let’s go, have a good time.

So we went up to the lake and the power was on there, too. It was never a problem. And I had no idea until people started reporting like, hey, do you have power? I’m like, yeah. And you’re like, Oh, well, we’re out now. I’m like, OK, sorry, that’s that’s bad, right? You can come over whatever you need to allow. Yeah. I was still out and more people and I’m like, whoa, that’s a real problem.

So I was up there and I was talking to one of our neighbors up at the lake and his name’s James. You take that I and go out here and never dies, really. And he says, yeah, we’re on the Beyler 380 power grid. And because it’s a hospital, our power doesn’t go out here. They can’t kick it off. Know it’s like, that’s interesting. And I was like, that’s weird because my power didn’t go off in Frisco either. And I think we’re on the Centennial Grid now. Balers containing it. No, it’s not that so.

If you what I have been told, if if there’s any if you were on the same grid of any emergency service provider, so a fire station, OK, hospital, any emergency service. So the fire department, they’ve got to got to stay on. OK, then you’re probably spared because they can’t turn theirs off. Right. So so, you know, I think that’s a selling feature and I think we need to dive into it more and find out if possibly there are other businesses.

But, you know, that’s something that you can talk to with your buyers when they’re looking to purchase a home.
So if anyone knows how to check those facts, because I don’t know where that map I don’t know. I think that they probably don’t want that.

I mean, it kind of it makes sense. But I’m sure a lot of people it feels bad that why are you spared? And I’m not. And, you know.

Yeah. So regardless of if it’s fair or why or any of those things, I mean, I need to know what the map is. Right. And I need to know what stays on and what the priorities are for the decision making.

So if anybody ends up seeing that any of that information, I would like to know. And then it would be a helpful fact. And maybe it’s a field in MLS that you guys need to add.

Maybe add that to your data dictionary. Does the power stay on? Is it part of the emerging grid?
Could you add that one witness? Well, the first thing is you guys need to add that to the data dictionary. And then once MLS adds it, then we can put it in as a field and then we can do that so we can do whatever we want on our side.

But we do need great data from MLS and maybe that’s something that you don’t syndicate out and maybe don’t sell that data saying maybe don’t sell that we had it.

Then we shall be an Acquisto real estate feature. Very good. Very good. Well, now we kind of know and we’ve talked about that I believe that a home is worth more if the power stays on a grid. It’s super annoying and it causes a lot of damage. When you have a problem like this, it also has an economic impact to you, to your livelihood, to every one of those things. Right.

And that’s kind of why I woke up super early this morning to kind of avoid that and fix the problem and then get back to work. So it’s unaffected. So sometimes sleep is optional and sometimes you just do things. You just get back to work and you don’t worry about it. Right. So take the bull by the horns and continue working. That is totally possible. Everyone out there. Right. If you’re sitting there and you’re like, hey, I have these weird things going on, it happens to a lot of people.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.19.21

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