How to Effectively Mapping Showings For Realtors?

Hello, Mike Acquisto here with luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto. And it is time for us to talk about effectively mapping your showings. Yes, as our realtor.

Are you having showings? Do it all over the place and you’re like, Yeah, what do I do? Exactly. I’m going to give you a couple of tips here.

All right. So Shana is going to Omkar. Please change the screen for us.

If you could pull over Ntreis, please.

Yeah, we’ll pull over the screen for us home car and pull that up and go ahead, and Sean is going to direct us all around.

So something I like to do when I am preparing my day of showings is for a particular client. I take the the properties and I put them into a cart, so I don’t know if you guys use the cart. Feature of of nitrous, but I do that so you can pick and choose and, you know, it’s not letting me use.

Oh, sorry. So you you have these this carte feature, so you can put them into a cart that you’ve already created or you can create a new cart, and that way, if you’re having to go in and out of your search and look at different things that allows you to be able to to compile them all into one cart.

Ok, OK. So I’m going to go into just a random cart here. Let’s see. Let’s do this one. So I’m going to view this car. There’s 20 homes in there, and once you choose the the ones that you want to see, I’m just going to randomly pick some and to demonstrate this then.

You can do a I can see you guys directions. Ok, so this is going to show you where the properties are. One, two and three.

And if you need to move them around to make this more efficient, like, Hey, I’m going to be starting over here, I need to move this one up so you can just move it. Up, move them down.

Oh, okay, and then you can hit, you can add a start and a stop. I don’t know if anybody use the old MapQuest, but this is kind of like the old MapQuest.

So you could say like you’re starting at your house, but you’re going to drop the client off at their house or something like that. You need to end it, Chick-Fil-A.

So this is a way to do that. And then it will, you know, it’ll print out, you send it to your phone, whatever is best for you. Plug these addresses in your phone.

That’s what I like to use now. Showing time also has a feature for mapping, but let’s just remind ourselves that showing time is now owned by Zillow.

So personally, I do not like to do things like that through showing time, because it’s basically you giving even more.

And yeah, you’re giving a lot of information in there. And I just I’m choosing to not do that. So you guys can go into showing time and and mess around with that feature if you want to.

Personally, I don’t. I use this. I think it keeps everything in your networks and you can pull it up and and see the the email sheet and all of that as well. So it makes it easier and it prints it.

Yeah, you can print it and then you would know the order that it is and then on your phone, if you want to use Google Maps on your phone to direct you there, then you could, but you would now know the visual order of them. Yep, and that might be important to you.

So I might take the MLRS print out sheet and write one two three in that order.

That’s what I typically do. I also will download this and upload it to my iPad and notability so you can make notes on it as well.

So that sounds awesome.

Yeah, I love my notability

App, so you use it a lot.

I do. All right. So yeah, hopefully that just makes your you’re searching a little bit easier and when you’re planning your your route.

Ok. No, that should help out, you know, it’s important to know how to efficiently map the showings in order.

Yeah, so they have some classes at CCAR that are matrix advanced that gives you all kinds of different tools that you can use within our MLS system.

So I encourage you guys, if you if you have a good grip on it, then start taking some of these other classes. There’s a lot of cool features in here. The stats statistics, all of it

Is the basics are saying is never stop learning and use advanced features and keep getting better, right? Whatever you do.

So if there’s anything that you’re not great with, just work on it.

And if you learn something new that you think is really beneficial, then share it with us. We’d love to hear it. Yeah. So now you officially know how to do that. And we’re kind of all set.

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