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Eero Mesh Wifi 6 for your home. Hey, there. Who’s super excited to talk about why fi version 6.0 or a wi fi mesh network, specifically the one by Eero? Well, my name is Mike Acquisto and I’m a real estate broker and wi fi is actually a bigger part of your home than you would kind of imagine because it’s important to have stable internet and a lot of people are working from home.

And if you can overcome a big obstacle that somebody has and you’re going to make your client very happy, like maybe I did with a gentleman like Mike Shepherd, who is having a problem with his internet at his home. Mike, are you currently on right now and are you getting much better internet? Can you see me way better and hear me way better than you used to with less connectivity problems?

I hope so. And when we see Mike on our his next Zoom meeting, you know, maybe I’ll have better picture quality, better stability, and maybe it really changes his world.

But what we’re talking about now is the Eero six and specifically the Pro. So here we go with this one here, and the Pro is the latest one level six Wi-Fi has the mesh network. So what that is is as the home is larger and you move from one device to the next device as you’re like walking through the home. So imagine you had that you’re walking from like one the left side of the house to the right side of the house that you might have one base station or like range extender going off over here, but they only cover certain distance.

So as you move across this signal and the signal is going out, you eventually get to a point that you’re at the edge of one in the beginning of the other. And what it does is it passes off from one station to the next, and it does it seamlessly where you’re not dropping connectivity. So it’s it creates this mesh network that you have at your home and this one does it really well.

The version 6.0 and specifically the Pro is going to be the model that acts as both the router and it’s going to also act as the range extenders. So the one that I do recommend is the version 6.0, the Pro. And yeah, here’s the secrets of the mesh and kind of how it works.

Oh, they pretty much explain it in a great way here. Yeah, that’s like way better way to explain it than me describing it with words. That’s them describing it with pictures. So if I’m going back to the product itself, I’m going to highly recommend for a gentleman like Mike Shepherd. The three pack and I would get the pro and then what this is going to do is one of them is going to be used as your base station, so you’ll take in plug from the device that you just got one cord into this one ethernet cord, long, short, whatever you want.

Put it, buy it at one extreme end of the property, then put one in the middle and one at the far side by your office. And then you’ll have this mesh network that’s kind of created and hopefully maybe one of them passes by your patio so you create wi fi on the patio as well. So start in the back one in the middle, one on the other side. If you need a fourth one, you can.

But I think you’ll be good with three spread out throughout the property, but spread them as far as you can until they break and then try to push them back, so extend to the edges of your house. And then what will happen is is like, you’re in the yard, then you’ll have really good Wi-Fi in the yard way over there, so you’ll be connected to the internet at a distance.

If that’s too extreme, then you can either buy more units and extend it further and put one leg outside on your patio or wherever you want the garage and extend it there. So there’s some opportunities or just moving closer back together if you want.

But start with the three pack and I think you’d be good to go with the Pro. It’s going to cost you five ninety nine, but you’re going to be good and you’ll have great wi fi from here going forward. You can create your own network and a guest network, so you can give that to your anyone else to log in. That is a guest that they’d be able to log into that and not be on your network per say. I hope that helps you out with your internet. Thank you.

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