I’m Mike Acquisto, this is luxury real estate broker and co-owner of a Acquisto Real Estate, Shana Acquisto. Good morning. It is amazing to be joined by you today. And let’s discuss easy site plans for realtors and we’re going to hit it real quick. So what we’re going to cover are all the different site plans.

You could have different housing plans, 3D renders marketing plans, Sun plans what we’re going to go over wind pan wind plans and where the directions coming in. I kind of think about that when you’re doing when you’re putting something together, landscaping plans, how you can be used for additions or landscaping or pools. These are all topics that we’re going to cover right now. So get excited about it.

I’m excited and I love how you come up with these topics that really add value to to what we do every day. So this is great. Thank you.

Hey, that’s what I try to do. And I appreciate your work on making the job of it. And I do appreciate it. Thank you.

Ok, excellent. So, yes, let’s to go over this here. So let’s go ahead and share the screen off. Twenty four hour plans. Dotcom actually had butchered their website. It is 24H plans.com. So there you go. Now we have it, we’re going to take that link, we’re going to put it in and we’re going to chat it into you so you can see it yourself and we’re going to put it in a description. And as you’re rolling by to the description and you see the thumbs up, just go ahead and do that and click on there.

So as we’re breaking this down, we’re going to see is they have three different variants of the plans. They have a simple a medium and a complex version. The simple plan is $99. The medium plain is one. Twenty nine. In the complex is one five nine. OK, so each one is going to add a little bit more detail for you so that as you add in, you can see those different things.

And as we kind of spoke about, there’s going to be options for you that if you’re trying to submit something to the city to get a permit, then you’re going to have different plans for that. If you want to do some stuff for marketing, you’re probably trying to sell a property, then you could go ahead and look at something here. If you feel that your property needs something extra and then also photo realistic 3D stuff.

So if you want to utilize that, this is all an option for you, places you could possibly use, maybe you’re going to do an addition or you’re considering something. Have you ever kind of walked in somewhere and you looked at it and you’re like, oh, that was a really good idea. You can see they spent a lot of money on it, but the execution, when it all came out, it was like a good idea and a good try, but it didn’t. Blendr look perfect and I’m sure it cost a lot of money and you can’t go back and fix it.

Right. So that’s where this is super, super important. If you have a client who’s going to be doing some bunch of landscaping and spending a bunch of money, let’s see what it’s going to look like.

And that’s coming up because of the, you know, the winter storm we had, you’re going to see this a lot. So this will be a great value add to to give to some of your sellers.

I think it certainly would be super happy to have this link so that you now have. Right. And this is something just to put in your back pocket. So this is what we’re trying to do, is separate you as a listing agent to give you something different that you have in your pocket that you can discuss with your clients. Right. So this is a great, great idea. And like I said, so site plans, house plans that renders marketing plan Sun plans. So I was looking at that Sun plan is did you you know, one of the things that I overlooked sometimes you Got to dig deep for for the value.

Yeah, well, one of the things that I overlooked a little bit was that the sun rises and sets and we all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Right. So as we look at that. But do you did you really take into account how much it changes over the course of the year? So what you’ll have is you’ll have the sun rising in the east, but not in it moves over the course of the year.

So in the summer, it rises in one spot and then into the winter it rises in a slightly different spot. So if you’re orienting your home in a certain direction and that was important to you to capture the view, you would understand that the sun has a wider section in in the summer and then in the winter. It’s a narrower kind of field. So that’s just something due to the Earth’s orientation on its axis as it relates to the sun. I think it sounded really good. So, Chad, now, if you know the actual reason it follows, right, that also

I’m sure I’m sure you’re correct in wind patterns. We did have someone ask about wind at one of our listings recently. And it was like, OK, yeah.

So oddly enough, you can actually look up wind patterns. Maybe I’ll pull that up separate topic and we can go over that one topic all on its own. Yeah. So you can do that. Yeah. But you can build that into a site plan. Right. So if you see the weather coming in a certain way, you might not want all of this stuff to blow in a certain pattern. So maybe if you had a wind pattern that was coming a prevailing way, you would consider doing something different with your design to not create something. Right. So they’re all just different ideas.

Let’s be honest. These are all the things that we’re looking at on our property.

So on every single list, yeah, we’re diving into five of those. But if you want to be a luxury agent and you want to represent the best properties and you want to have the most knowledge, these are all things that actually kind of do matter.

They do matter, especially as you get to higher price points. They you know, people have different needs and, you know, and they think of things a little bit differently. So. Mm hmm. Yeah. I think these are some things that we should probably try and see if we can utilize them just a little bit more. OK, they’re good. Go ahead and hit the ball in that topic.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.8.21

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